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September 30, 2022

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Welcome to the St. Louis County On-Site Wastewater news. You are receiving this message because you have signed up for updates with St. Louis County Planning and Community Development Department. This resource will keep you updated with information about on-site wastewater news.

Fall 2022 Check-In

Greetings! As the 2022 construction season continues to move forward, the On-Site Wastewater Division wants to take a moment to thank you all for your hard work, dedication, commitment, and patience with us to continue to work toward septic compliance within St. Louis County.
Additionally, we would like to touch base on a few items:

Winter Installs: Soil Verification Now!

Septic Field

As we enter the month of October, we encourage designers and installers to get your soil verifications completed now before it becomes too difficult to do so. As the fall progresses, soil verifications become increasingly difficult to complete with confidence due to lower sun angle, and the possibility of frost and freezing conditions.
For contractors intending to install a system during the onset of the winter months, contact the On-Site Wastewater Division as soon as possible to get the ball rolling on soil verifications and set yourself up for a success navigating the 
SLC Frozen Ground Installation Policy

Point of Sale Requirements During the Winter Season:

As we discuss freezing conditions, we would be remiss not to mention the point-of-sale requirements during the winter season. As a friendly reminder, once the ground has frozen, if a system is over 10 years old and hasn’t had a compliance inspection in the last three years the following is required:

  • Completed Transfer Agreement Form 3030
  • Estimate from a licensed and certified installer for the replacement of the system
  • Escrowing 100% of said estimate at the time of closing until conditions allow for a compliance inspection to occur

Buying/Selling Property

Potential Ordinance 61 Amendments - January 2023

On August 12, 2022, the On-Site Wastewater Division sent out a GovDelivery with a survey link included that addressed the potential Ordinance 61 amendment changes being proposed. The official process for said changes will begin in January 2023. If you haven’t already had an opportunity to provide your feedback, please do so through the attached link here: 

St. Louis County: Potential Ordinance 61 Amendment Changes Survey

Welcome, John Otterbein!

Last, but certainly not least, we’d like to formally introduce our new Environmental Specialist, John Otterbein! John comes to us with a great variety of experience that makes him the perfect fit for this position. John has a strong scientific and technical background with 10+ years in customer service. In his spare time, John enjoys hiking/backpacking, canoeing, hunting, and fishing. John is currently in the process of receiving his septic certification through the University of Minnesota, however, John has been fully trained to perform final inspections and is happy to schedule site visits upon request. Please contact John to schedule your final inspections in the southern part of St. Louis County at 218-725-5249 or via the OSW Main Line at 218-725-5200.

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On-Site Wastewater

If you have any questions about On-Site Wastewater, please contact:

Duluth Office: (218) 725-5200
Virginia Office: (218) 749-0625
Email: oswinfo@stlouiscountymn.gov

On-Site Wastewater and Water Manager
Ryan Logan