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August 12th, 2022

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Welcome to the St. Louis County On-Site Wastewater news. You are receiving this message because you have signed up for updates with St. Louis County Planning and Community Development Department. This resource will keep you updated with information about On-Site Wastewater news.

Permit Activity Update

The On-Site Wastewater Division has seen very steady and consistent permit numbers as we approach the halfway point of the construction season. To date for the 2022 season, the division has issued/processed 520 septic permits to construct, 510 compliance inspections, and 190 operating permits and operating permit renewals. We strive to continue to provide excellent customer service and issuing permits within 10 business days or sooner. Additionally, the Environmental Specialists continue to conduct final inspections as septic system installations are completed throughout the season. As a reminder, please contact the division 48 hours in advance during normal business hours to schedule a final inspection. 

Potential SSTS Ordinance 61 Amendments

The division is exploring the possibility of amending areas within the St. Louis County SSTS Ordinance 61 this fall/winter. At this time, the division is seeking preliminary input from the public and industry professionals. If you are interested in providing feedback, please click on the survey link and complete the short survey below. These survey results will provide a baseline and guide for the division on areas to focus in on. The division will pursue a more formal process after the completion of the 2022 construction season. 


Other Friendly Reminders

Point of Sale/ Property Transfers: If a compliance inspection cannot be performed prior to closing, or was conducted and deemed the system non-compliant, St. Louis County requires 100% escrow of a written estimate for a replacement system. Written estimates must be provided by a licensed and certified installation contractor and a copy of said estimate submitted to the division.

Compliance Inspections: A separate $35 fee is applied for each system. Whereas, if two systems exist on a property, two compliance inspection applications and two fees are to be submitted to the division. Additionally, licensed and certified inspection contractors are to conduct the existing system compliance inspections. Maintainers are to pump out septic tanks and shall complete the tank maintenance reporting form, however, cannot complete/conduct the full compliance inspection.

Operating Permit Renewals: Service providers are encouraged to make note of any changes, repairs, or system maintenance done as part of the record when applying for a renewal. For example, please note if peat was added or replaced, if worn out alarm floats were replaced, etc. 

Holding Tanks: All holding tanks are required to be on an operating permit. If a holding tank is not on a current operating permit, that holding tank is considered to be non-complaint.

Well Casings: Determine the status of the well with MDH well record. If no documentation of casing depth is provided, well setback shall be 100 feet.

Application Submittals: Please review all application forms/ worksheets to verify completeness. All septic designs require submission of a completed Residential Construction Application (Form 3000). If an application is returned for corrections, the division works on processing the next applications in-line with a first in/first out approach. The returned application will be processed in the order it was received once the correction has been made and re-submitted to the division. 

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