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March 24th, 2022

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SSTS Professionals Open Houses a Success!

First and foremost, thank you to those who attended our SSTS Professionals Open Houses, both in person and virtually. We appreciated the suggested discussion topics and questions and hope to host these open house meetings on an annual basis. Please see a copy of the PowerPoint presentation below. We also encourage you to complete the SurveyMonkey link provided to help us plan for future contractor open houses.  

Open House Follow Up Survey

SSTS Open House PowerPoint

Dwelling Definition and Bunkhouses/Sleepers

A dwelling is any structure with the provisions for living, sleeping, and sanitary (pressurized water and sewage). If a “bunkhouse,” or “sleeper,” contains these provisions, it is considered a dwelling and it shall be designed with its own flow capacity. If a bunkhouse or sleeper does not contain all three provisions, it will be considered as an additional bedroom to the principal dwelling.  


Required capacity for septic tanks serving multiple dwellings: for systems serving ten or fewer dwellings with a common septic tank, the liquid capacity must be determined by adding the capacities for each. 


Updated SSTS Forms on the County Website

We have updated the SSTS forms and have posted them on the County website. Please be reminded that the use of the most updated forms is required so the division can quickly and accurately process permits in a timely fashion. (Apply for a Septic Permit ( 

Point of Sale Program

A compliance inspection is required PRIOR to the sale or transfer of a property if there is not a valid Certificate of Compliance or valid Notice of Nonconforming on file. Compliance inspections for point-of-sale purposes are valid for three years on an existing system, and ten years for a new or replacement septic system. When a septic system fails an inspection the seller and/or buyer must provide sufficient security in the form of an escrow or trust agreement to assure the failed system is repaired, upgraded, or replaced with a compliant septic system.   


Escrow shall be required when: 


A) Failure to produce a valid Certificate of Compliance or a valid Notice of Nonconforming 

B) If a compliance inspection result indicates a failing system 

C) If a compliance inspection is unable to be completed due to frozen soil conditions 


The escrow agreement for the amount indicated by a licensed SSTS installer must be completed and submitted to the County along with the Transfer Disclosure form. 

For the purposes of providing clarity, the division has developed the inspection results Fact Sheet 3095 explaining septic system statuses as it relates to point-of-sale and further clarifies the system status of non-conforming.  The division has also updated its boilerplate statements printed at the bottom of the Certificates of Compliance and Notices of Nonconforming that will be implemented for the 2022 season.  

Fact Sheet 3095 

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