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January 5, 2021

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Welcome to the St. Louis County On-Site Wastewater news. You are receiving this message because you have signed up for updates with St. Louis County Planning and Community Development Department. This resource will keep you updated with information about on-site wastewater news.

Happy New Year!

The St. Louis County On-Site Wastewater Division wishes all of you a Happy New Year! The 2021 season proved to be another busy year for the division with nearly 1,000 permits to construct being issued, 900 compliance inspections reviewed, 130 new operating permits issued, and 500 operating permits renewed. We look forward to serving you again through our septic program in 2022.

New 2022 Fee Schedule

St. Louis County On-Site Wastewater has updated its permit fee schedule. The new fee structure better aligns with the SSTS industry and St. Louis County SSTS Ordinance 61. Approximately a 3% inflationary increase was assessed to the fees. We’ve also updated our forms to reflect these new fees. Please visit the On-Site Wastewater webpage to access the updated forms.

2022 Fee Schedule        Fee
Type 1:  
     Non-Shoreland $310.00
     Shoreland $535.00
Type 2:  
     Privy $105.00
     Holding Tank $255.00
     Floodplain $315.00
Type 3: $350.00
Type 4: $400.00
Type 5: $500.00
Operating Permit - Renewal $65.00
Compliance Inspection Review $35.00
Commercial or Multiple Dwellings (Greater than 2,500 gpd) $765.00
ISTS Component Addition or Replacement $205.00
SSTS Variance $650.00
Late Fee (2X) 2x
Site Evaluation $255.00

County Forms and Submittal Requirements

Septic Field

To better serve you in a timely manner with increased consistency and efficiency, On-Site Wastewater will be requiring the use of our most up-to-date forms, such as the SSTS application, compliance inspection, and operating permit renewal, etc. All of the updated forms have been uploaded onto the On-Site Wastewater website for septic professionals to download. Additionally, On-Site Wastewater will require final inspection submittals, such as as-built drawings, abandonments, and pressure tests, during the final inspection and/or prior to issuing a certificate of compliance.

Below are a few important requirement reminders for installation contractors:

  1. Ensure all work is done according to the approved design report.

St. Louis County understands that during the construction of a septic system, issues can arise which may require an alteration of the approved design. When this occurs, the County and the designer need to be notified before the alteration occurs so permit changes and approvals can be made. Communication with the County and the designer will go a long way in preventing undesirable situations.

  1. Provide as-built drawings, in addition to other final inspection documents if necessary, to the owner and local unit of government within 30 days of system installation.

As-builts are required to be submitted to the County during the 2022 season and beyond. If you have any questions regarding this process, please call the County offices for clarification.

  1. Ensure that all construction activities comply with applicable stormwater regulations.

It is important that as we assist homeowners with the development of their properties, we consider our overall impact so that the final product provides as of minimal disturbance to the environment as possible.

Contractor Meetings - Save the Date

To improve the consistency and overall quality of our septic program, On-Site Wastewater will be hosting two separate public meetings to discuss re-occurring issues and to get input from septic professionals. On-Site Wastewater intends on holding these meetings in-person, but will also provide remote access to the meetings via Microsoft Teams. Below are the tentative target dates:

                March 8, 2022 @ Virginia GSC

                March 15, 2022 @ Duluth GSC

On-Site Wastewater will provide additional meeting information as we near closer to these dates. Please feel free to email oswinfo@stlouiscountymn.gov with meeting topics you’d like to have discussed as part of the meeting agenda.

Contact us

On-Site Wastewater

If you have any questions about On-Site Wastewater, please contact:

Duluth Office: (218) 725-5200
Virginia Office: (218) 749-0625
Email: oswinfo@stlouiscountymn.gov

On-Site Wastewater and Water Manager
Ryan Logan