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April 30, 2021

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Welcome to the St. Louis County On-Site Wastewater news. You are receiving this message because you have signed up for updates with St. Louis County Planning and Community Development Department. This resource will keep you updated with information about on-site wastewater news.

New Subsurface Sewage Treatment System (SSTS) County Forms

To simplify and streamline the Subsurface Sewage Treatment System (SSTS) permitting process, the County has updated many of the On-Site Wastewater forms, such as the SSTS Application, Compliance Inspection, Operating Permit Renewal, and much more. They have been uploaded onto the County website for the septic professionals to download. The County will be requiring the use of the new forms as the old forms are phased out. The new forms are posted on the County's On-Site Wastewater webpage, which can be accessed by clicking here.

2021 Installation Requirements

Minnesota Rules 7083.0760 Installation License, Subpart 2 Responsibilities.

As the 2021 construction season nears and with road restrictions lifting in the coming weeks, the County thought it would be worthwhile sending out a few important installation requirement reminders from Minnesota Rules 7083.0760.

Installation licensees must:

“A. Ensure all work is done according to an approved design report;”

Comment: The County understands that during the construction of a septic system, issues can arise which require an alteration of the approved design. When this occurs, the County and the designer need to be notified before the alteration occurs. Communication with the County and the designer will go a long way in preventing undesirable situations.

"C. Provide asbuilt drawings to the owner and local unit of government within 30 days of system installation;”

Comment: As-builts will be required to be submitted to the County during the 2021 season and beyond. If you have any questions regarding this process, please call the County offices for clarification.

“F. Ensure that all construction activities comply with applicable storm water regulations;”

Comment: It is important to assist homeowners with the development of their properties, so the final product can have as minimal disturbance as possible.

Article VII, Section 2.0 Management Plan Requirements

Septic Field

Management plans are an important piece in helping homeowners provide routine maintenance to their septic systems. Minnesota Rules 7080-7083 and St. Louis County Ordinance 61 both layout the minimum requirements for an approved management plan.

2.01 SSTS Requiring Management Plans

“Management plans are required for all new or replacement SSTS. The management plan must be submitted to the Department with the construction permit application. The Department must be notified of any system modifications made during construction and the management plan revised and resubmitted at the time of final construction certification.”

For more information on what is required to be provided in a management plan, refer to the subpart in Ordinance 61 titled: 2.02 Required Contents of a Management Plan

Here is a link to the UMN Extension Forms and Worksheets in case you wish to download a copy of the septic system management plans.

Standard Onsite Septic System Management Plan: (umn.edu) 

SSTS Upgrades

Provided below is a link to the MPCA SSTS Bulletin from 10/12/2020. The County would like to specifically point to the section titled, “When existing tanks, drainfields can be used in SSTS upgrades.” This is a very useful piece of information as the County receives many questions regarding this topic. They following section provides a short summary:

"When can an existing tank be used for a septic system upgrade?

Short Answer - Three Options:

  1. Local Government Unit (LGU) must have a current Certificate of Compliance (COC) for the existing tank on file before the LGU can issue the COC for the system upgrade
  2. The LGU must have a current Tank Integrity Assessment for the existing tank on file before the LGU can issue the COC for the system upgrade; or
  3. The LGU's inspector must inspect the existing tank before the LGU an issue the CO for the system upgrade."

Please refer to the full article by clicking the following link:


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