December 2, 2019 - Open Appointments Vacancy Update

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Steve Simon

Notice of Vacancies in State Boards, Councils and Committees

December 2, 2019 — The Office of the Minnesota Secretary of State today released notice of vacancies for various state boards, councils and committees that are accepting applications. Minnesotans are encouraged to apply and serve in demonstration of public service. The newest vacancies are listed below, and the full list of 1026 vacancies can be found on our website Open Positions.

Applications may be submitted online, and must be submitted within 21 days of the “Publish Date” listed on our Open Positions page, to be assured of full consideration by the appointing authority. Appointing authorities may choose to review applications received by the Secretary of State after the 21 day application period.

See our new instructions on HOW TO APPLY at the end of the message.


Below is a list of agencies with new vacancies.
Please visit our website for complete descriptions.

Advisory Council On Workers' Compensation
Vacancies: 1 Seat -- Business Representative

Agriculture Research, Education, Extension, And Technology Transfer Advisory Panel
Vacancies: 1 Seat -- Assn Of Primary Manufacturers Of Forest Products

Behavioral Health Planning Council
Vacancies: 1 Seat -- Adults in recovery from or at risk of Substance Use Disorder
Vacancies: 1 Seat -- Mental Health Providers
Vacancies: 1 Seat -- Parents/Guardians of Child/Youth/Young Adult with Lived Experience of Serious Emotional Disturbance (SED)
Vacancies: 1 Seat -- Youth/Young Adults with lived Experience of Mental Health

Board Of Examiners For Nursing Home Administrators
Vacancies: 1 Seat -- Manager Non-profit Nh

Governing Committee Of The Minnesota Automobile Insurance Plan
Vacancies: 1 Seat -- Public Member

Minnesota Child Passenger Safety Taskforce
Vacancies: 1 Seat -- Member

Mn Governor's Council On Developmental Disabilities
Vacancies: 1 Seat -- Private Non-profits Rep
Vacancies: 3 Seats -- State Agency Representative (MDE, DEED, DHS, MDH, Aging)

Mn Racing Commission
Vacancies: 3 Seats -- Member

Opioid Prescribing Work Group (OPWG)
Vacancies: 2 Seats -- Consumer
Vacancies: 1 Seat -- County Medical Examiner
Vacancies: 1 Seat -- Health Services Policy Committee Member
Vacancies: 1 Seat -- Law Enforcement Representative
Vacancies: 1 Seat -- Licensed Dentist
Vacancies: 1 Seat -- Licensed Nurse Practitioner
Vacancies: 1 Seat -- Licensed Or Registered Mental Health Professional
Vacancies: 1 Seat -- Licensed Pharmacist
Vacancies: 1 Seat -- Licensed Physician
Vacancies: 1 Seat -- Medical Director Health Plan Company
Vacancies: 2 Seats -- Non-physician Licensed Health Care Professional
Vacancies: 1 Seat -- Pharmacy Director Health Plan Company

Subcommittee On Children's Mental Health
Vacancies: 1 Seat -- State Advisory Council On Mental Health Rep.

The December 2, 2019 Notice of Vacancies is 11 pages long.
If you are interested in seeing the full listing, please email: 
Request either the WORD version or the PDF version of December 2, 2019 Vacancy Notice.

Otherwise, please see the full list of all vacancies on our website.


Visit the Open Positions page.
Scroll down to find the correct Agency/Board/Council.
Choose the correct seat type, and click button that says APPLY
The system will walk you through creating an application profile.

Page 2 of the application will now allow you to attach the following documents:
• Letter of Interest
• Resume or Biography

Applicants are encouraged to use the online application as the Appointing Authority will have access to your information as soon as it is submitted.

Applications submitted via downloadable application may experience some delay in reaching the Appointing Authority.
Paper applications may be submitted by email to: Open Appointments or by mail or in person to:

Office of the Minnesota Secretary of State
180 State Office Building
100 Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd.
St Paul, MN 55155-1299

In accordance with the Minnesota Open Appointments Law, the Secretary of State acts as an administrator in publishing vacancies, receiving applications and recording appointments. Applications will be reviewed and appointments made by the appointing authorities; questions about specific vacancies and appointments should be directed to the appointing authority. Applications are kept on file for a one-year period.