Stillwater Area High School Newsletter for Week of April 22, 2019

SAHS E-Newsletter

April 26, 2019


Graduation rates in Stillwater are increasing

The percentage of students graduating from Stillwater Area Public Schools is on the rise. According to data released by the Minnesota Department of Education, the Stillwater Area High School class of 2018 had a graduation rate of 95%, which was up from 92.5% the previous year. A total of 626 students graduated from Stillwater Area High School last year. 

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Concert choir comes home for concert

The Stillwater Area High School Concert Choir held its annual Home Concert last week. You can listen to it on Facebook.

Let’s Talk: Prom, Graduation and other celebrations - Keeping Our Kids Safe


Spring is an exciting time of year with prom, graduation and many other end-of-the-school-year celebrations! With these events just around the corner, we want to remind you of the important role you play in ensuring your teen has a safe and memorable experience – without the use of alcohol and other drugs.

Prom and Graduation Night Tips for Parents:

Review your student’s plan with them for the evening and tell them to check in with you periodically.

Refuse to supply alcohol to underage youth, and do not give them a “safe” place to drink. Not only is it against the law, but research shows that well-intended parents who attempt to provide safe parameters (like having teens drink in the basement with friends) actually increase the likelihood that their children will become binge drinkers.

Store alcohol in a secure location where kids don’t have access.

Know who is driving. Encourage seatbelt use – the best accessory!

Do not rent hotel rooms for your child.

Communicate a plan with your teen on how to handle difficult situations. For instance, let your child know they can text the letter “X” to you if they are in an uncomfortable situation and you will come get them immediately.