Stillwater Area High School Newsletter for Week of January 28, 2019

SAHS E-Newsletter

February 1, 2019

Teachers & Administrators welcome students back to school

welcome back

A warm welcome back to school after four days off due to cold and snow. Teachers and staff at Stillwater Area High School celebrated the "heat wave" by dressing up in tropical outfits. More photos on Facebook.

Props to our amazing bus drivers who spent the cold days running school buses around the clock to keep the fuel from freezing up. Drivers and mechanics were busy Thursday evening test driving each bus to make sure they were ready for routes on Friday morning.

Students work together to solve mysteries

working together
It often takes more than one detective to solve a great mystery. Sherlock Holmes employed the help of Watson. Shaggy paired up with Scooby Doo. And students at Afton-Lakeland Elementary School looked to buddies at Stillwater Area High School when they needed a bit of help figuring out “whodunit.”

Third graders in Christi Wallace’s class paired up with tenth graders in Rachel Steil’s English class to collaborate on a mystery unit. The elementary students and their high school buddies were both studying elements of a great mystery as part of their language arts classes. Read more.

Going stir crazy?

rock wall

Get out of the cold and join us for some FREE family fun tonight! Jump in the pool, climb the rock wall or play in the gym! Community Fitness Activities takes place at Stillwater Middle School from 6-8:30 p.m. on Friday, Feb. 1. More info.

Let’s Talk: Vaping’s Impact on Teen Culture and Community

As adults who support kids’ health, it is essential to have a current understanding of vapes, vaping culture, and vaping in teen social circles. Not only are teens navigating manipulative marketing strategies to get them hooked, there’s also accessories like Vaprwear that make vaping more accessible.
Understanding what vapes are and how to speak about them with teens can bolster your effectiveness as a prevention agent in your community. Check out the following articles and resources from the FCD to equip yourself with essential information about the teen vaping epidemic:
Vaping and Culture: Vaping e-Journal Series, Part 1
Vaping and Community: Vaping e-Journal Series, Part 2
Vaping and the Developing Brain: Vaping e-Journal Series, Part 3
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