Stillwater Area High School Newsletter for Week of January 7, 2019

SAHS E-Newsletter

January 11, 2019

Students earn awards for science and artistic achievements


The 11th annual Da Vinci Fest was a huge success. Hundreds of students competed in a Science Fair, Art Fair, Upcycling Fair, Science Challenge and Spoken Word activities.

Da Vinci Fest is sponsored by The Partnership Plan and Stillwater Area Public Schools.

Student group is making dreams come true

Stillwater Area High School's Dollars for Dreams Club passed the $15,000 mark today for microloans!
In just less than three years, the student group has raised money and lent $15,775 to 63 different recipients in 26 different countries. The groups mission is to help people move from poverty to self-sufficiency through micro lending, thus breaking the cycle of generational poverty. Read More.


Pony Possibilities Night - Incoming class of 2023


Stillwater Area High School will be hosting its annual Pony Possibilities Night for the incoming class of 2023 on Monday, January 28.

There will be a welcome presentation in the auditorium at 6 p.m. for students with last names A-L and at 7 p.m. for students with last names M-Z. The academic fair will be ongoing from 6-p.m. in the high school concourse. Read more.

SAHS Semester 2 Begins January 23

Next semester begins on Wednesday, January 23. Student schedules will be ready for student/parent view in Skyward on Monday, January 14. Counselors and other staff have been working hard to finalize schedules these past few weeks. If you have any questions regarding your student's semester 2 schedule, please notify the appropriate counselor. 

Let’s Talk: The Rising Popularity of “Dab Carts”

Marijuana concentrates (also known as “dabs,” THC oil, THC wax, cannabis concentrates) are gaining rapid popularity. More and more young people are vaping them using e-cigarettes and other electronic vaporizers (colloquially referred to as “vape pens” and “dab carts”) as opposed to smoking traditional, herb marijuana.

Vaping is easier for teens as vaping products are easy to conceal. The marijuana concentrates also provide a higher potency than the herb form.

As parents/caregivers, be aware that vaping products look nearly identical to electronic cigarettes, and some e-cigarettes are dually compatible to vape nicotine and THC. Be aware of the signs of use  and open a dialogue with your child about this emerging trend.