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May 6, 2018

Facing up to financial challenges

Denise Pontrelli

"I was drawn to education because I love kids and I love learning. As superintendent, those are the areas where I most want to spend my time. However, as the leader of an organization of 1,000 employees, 8,300+ students and a multi-million dollar budget, I would not be doing my job if I did not share with you some concerns I see in the district’s financial future. Just as you may budget for your personal finances, district leaders are looking closely at the district’s budget, considering what might happen with state funding, and setting priorities for how to invest its limited resources." 

Read more in Superintendent Pontrelli's "Talk of the District" column.

Celebrating our staff

teacher and student

Teacher Appreciation Week (May 7-11)
We’d like to honor the meaningful work that our wonderful teachers do throughout our schools by celebrating National Teacher Appreciation Week. We truly appreciate everything our teachers do in and out of the classroom to create enriching learning environments for our amazing students. Their dedication, compassion and ability to connect are reasons why Stillwater kids love learning. Thank you teachers for the exceptional work you do every single day to support our students on their paths to success.

nurse with student

School Nurse Day (May 9)
We recognize the important contributions that school nurses are making to the health and learning of our students. Whether they are RNs, LSNs or health paraprofessionals, they look after the medically fragile, administer medicine, soothe a sick stomach, bandage scraped knees and everything in between. Thank you for keep our kids healthy and safe.

School Board Chair Appointed as District Court Judge

tom lehmann

On May 2, 2018, Governor Mark Dayton announced that Stillwater School Board Chair Tom Lehmann was being appointed as the District Court Judge in Minnesota’s Tenth Judicial District. A timeline for the appointment has not yet been determined; Mr. Lehmann will remain on the School Board until he is sworn in as District Court Judge. The school district is working with legal counsel and Mr. Lehmann on the timeline and process for replacing him once he leaves the board. More information will be shared once it is available.

E-cigarette use growing in Minnesota

The Minnesota Department of Health has alerted school districts to the increasing use of e-cigarettes by young people and a recent story on KARE-11 news also highlighted this disturbing trend. In fact, high school e-cigarette use has increased 50% in the last three years. These products are easily hidden, emit limited odor and the aerosol dissipates quickly. Not only are there health concerns, but all tobacco use – including e-cigarettes and vaping – are prohibited by state law in public schools, as well as by our school district policy.

We include information about e-cigarettes in a review with our secondary students of acceptable and unacceptable behaviors at the start of the school year. We encourage you to discuss the dangers of e-cigarettes with your children as well. Resources are available from the Surgeon General’s office, the American Academy of Pediatrics and the Physician Advocacy Network

Stories from around the district

senior signing day

Senior Signing Day
The Class of 2018 celebrated Senior Signing Day. Students announced their post-secondary plans at an event in the Stillwater Area High School College and Career Center. Many seniors wore their new school colors to show off their college choice. While most students will be heading to 4- and 2-year colleges and universities, others announced plans to go into the military and workforce. For pictures visit our Facebook page.


Sweet treats for a good cause
Superintendent Pontrelli stopped by Candyland in Stillwater to visit Tyson, one of the students in our 18-21 Transitions program. Tyson was selling his favorite S'more Truffles to help raise money for The Autism Society of Minnesota.

may day

Spreading May Day cheer
Stonebridge Elementary kindergartners and their fourth grade buddies delivered baskets of May Day cheer to their school neighbors. Photos on our Facebook page.