Pony E-News: What do our teachers do when kids are away?

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January 15, 2017

When students are away, teachers become learners

Students will have two days to play in the snow, but their teachers will be hard at work!

Monday, January 16 is a grading day for teachers as they wrap up first semester, correct final exams and record student grades.

On Tuesday, January 17 teachers, paras and other support staff will be actively engaged in learning and planning for the year ahead. There are many changes coming in 2017-2018, not just for students and families but also for our staff. Many sixth grade teachers will be moving to middle schools and many ninth grade teachers will be moving to the high school. Elementary teachers and support staff will also be moving between grade levels and school buildings. Tuesday will be an important day for staff to connect with colleagues in their new buildings, learn more about their roles and be trained in a variety of instructional practices. 

Semester final focuses on dramatic story of district alumna


A Stillwater Area High School alumna’s dramatic life story was the focus of a semester final for students in Rachel Steil’s journalism class.

The students were asked to write a feature story on Ella Dorner, a 2009 graduate, who lost her memory as a result of a traumatic brain injury. The stories served as the students’ final project for the journalism course. Read more.

Update on lawsuits related to school closure

School district leaders receive questions from time to time on the status of the three lawsuits that have been filed since the school board resolved to close Withrow, Marine, and Oak Park Elementary Schools. Click here for an update on the status of each suit.

Good news from around the school district

Da Vinci

The wonder of art and science on display at Da Vinci Fest
Nearly 600 student artists, scientists and filmmakers showcased their projects at the 9th annual Da Vinci Fest. The family-friendly event, which is sponsored by The Partnership Plan, celebrates art and science in a one-day extravaganza of exhibits, demonstrations and performances. Read more.


Recent graduates return to give students advice
Some members of the Class of 2016 returned to the high school to share their college experience as part of the Ninth Annual Alumni Day. They shared advice about college application processes and discussed the transition to postsecondary education.

Stock Market Game

SAHS team wins Minnesota Stock Market Game
Congratulations to Jesse Bjugstad and Matthew Siedow, seniors at the high school, who placed first in the Minnesota Stock Market Game. The pair beat out 1,500 teams from across the state.

Find more photos and district news on Facebook.

active kids

Healthy kids are smarter kids!

Why did we update our Wellness Policy this year? It's because we know that kids learn best when they eat well and stay active.

Our policy is making a big difference in classrooms across the district. Check out this video to see how we're getting kids moving more and eating better.


Kiwi and kumquat and mangos ... oh my!

The PowerUp School Challenge, sponsored by Lakeview Health, is back! Over the next few months, elementary students across the district will spend three weeks sampling fruits and veggies, and tracking their intake. 

Check with your child's school for dates. More details about the PowerUp School Challenge are online.

Tight budget? No problem!

Don't let finances stop your kids from experiencing sports, music or drama, or other clubs. Youth Advantage offers scholarships to students to help cover the costs of equipment, registration fees and more. This is just one of many community resources available to families in our district. 


Check out digital Backpack for information about community resources, as well as  registration info for youth sports, activities, clubs, events and more!

School board meeting notices

Click on the links below to view the official notice notices of the following school board meetings:

  • The school board will hold a retreat on Jan. 19, from 8:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. to work on their goal of cultural competency and board development. The retreat will take place at Stillwater Public Library.
  • The board will hold a closed session for confidential attorney‐client discussion about pending litigation. The closed session will begin upon the conclusion of the learning session scheduled for Jan. 19 at 5:30 p.m. at Central Services. 
  • Board members may be attending the oral arguments of Court File No.  A16‐0472 834 VOICE v. ISD 834 on Jan. 24 at 10:40 a.m. at Minnesota Judicial Center in St. Paul.