Federal grant, BRT station survey, Bruce Vento Regional Trail signs

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June 24, 2020

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Project receives grant for transit-oriented development study along route

The Federal Transit Administration (FTA) announced a $1.25 million competitive grant to support transit-oriented development planning along the Rush Line BRT route. The grant is the result of strong collaboration between Ramsey County, the Metropolitan Council, FTA and additional local partners.

The grant comes from the FTA’s Pilot Program for Transit-Oriented Development Planning, which funds comprehensive planning projects near public transportation that improve access, encourage ridership and spur economic and mixed-use development. The funds will be used for an inclusive planning process with the diverse communities along the Rush Line BRT route to establish a vision for future development near Rush Line BRT stations and determine how communities can implement that vision.

“Locating jobs, housing, education, healthcare and other essential resources near high-quality transit is part of how we enhance quality of life in Ramsey County,” said Victoria Reinhardt, Ramsey County Commissioner and Chair of the Rush Line Corridor Task Force. “By carefully planning for the future of these station areas, we make the most of the substantial investment in Ramsey County’s prosperity that the Rush Line represents.”

Read the full news release.

Share your input on station access and design

Diagram of a BRT station

Example BRT station concept (source: Metro Transit).

At this point, the design of the Rush Line BRT Project is about 15% complete. The input of residents, businesses and other community members along the BRT route is needed over the next few years as the design advances to prepare the project for construction starting in 2024.

One key component of the project's design is the 21 BRT stations between downtown Saint Paul and downtown White Bear Lake. 

To inform the design of the stations, we want to learn how you access transit and what your priorities are for station amenities and the boarding experience. 

Please take this 10-minute survey by August 1.

The survey is also available in Español, Soomaali, Hmoob and Karen.

Updated signs installed along Bruce Vento Regional Trail

The Rush Line BRT will be co-located with a reconstructed Bruce Vento Regional Trail within the Ramsey County rail right-of-way between Arcade Street and Buerkle Road, with the exception of a short segment between Beam Avenue and County Road D. Ramsey County conducted an extensive community engagement effort over the past two years to inform the future design of this area, resulting in the Ramsey County Rail Right-of-way Design Guide.

To further increase awareness of the Rush Line BRT Project among neighbors and users of the Bruce Vento Regional Trail, Ramsey County has installed new signs along the trail with information about the Rush Line BRT Project. These signs replace old, outdated county signage. The new signs direct trail users to the project's website, rushline.org, to learn more about the project and share feedback. The signs also include updated contact information for reporting trail maintenance issues.

New sign about Rush Line BRT on the Bruce Vento Regional Trail

A new sign along the Bruce Vento Regional Trail within the Ramsey County rail right-of-way.