Ramsey County services during pandemic, No Policy Advisory Committee meeting in March, Online Rush Line resources and videos

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March 24, 2020

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New Ramsey County service plans in response to coronavirus pandemic

Ramsey County has enacted new operational plans to continue providing services while protecting the health of residents and staff throughout the duration of the COVID-19 pandemic. The new service models began rolling out on Monday, March 23 and are designed to minimize person-to person contact between employees and the public based on public health requirements for social distancing.

Summaries of service delivery modifications for all departments are available at ramseycounty.us/coronavirus.

Ramsey County continues to work with agency and local partners to advance the Rush Line BRT Project while taking all recommended precautions.

March 26 Rush Line Policy Advisory Committee canceled

The Policy Advisory Committee's March 26 meeting has been canceled due to recommendations from Minnesota Department of Health and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. In lieu of this meeting, project staff from Ramsey County have created slides to share recent project updates with the Policy Advisory Committee and the public.

View the March 2020 Rush Line BRT Project updates (PDF)

The Policy Advisory Committee is next scheduled to meet on May 28.

Online resources about Rush Line BRT

While in-person public engagement is temporarily on hold due to the coronavirus, the Rush Line project's website contains a wealth of information for community members to explore.

Rushline.org contains basic project information and factsheets in English, Spanish and Hmong (PDFs) that individuals and community organizations can share with their neighbors, board members and clients.

The Project Library page contains project meeting materials dating back to early 2018, as well as preliminary engineering plans, summaries about how public input has shaped the project and various technical reports.

The Frequently Asked Questions page addresses the questions we hear most often from the diverse communities the Rush Line will serve.

Please send us a message with any questions or comments about the Rush Line BRT Project—and stay tuned for upcoming online public engagement opportunities.

In Case You Missed It: Rush Line Videos

A rendering of the planned downtown White Bear Lake station at 7th Street and Washington Avenue

In recent months, Ramsey County has produced several short videos to help inform the community about aspects of the Rush Line BRT Project. 

This project overview video describes the features of BRT, the Rush Line's connections to the regional transit system and the importance of transit for job access. The Rush Line BRT route will connect more than 100,000 people and 106,000 jobs within walking distance of planned stations.

In October, representatives from the Rush Line BRT Project Policy, Technical and Community Advisory Committees, along with partner agencies and Rush Line BRT Project staff, participated in a tour of Richmond, Virginia's Pulse BRT line to learn from the experience of another community that has successfully implemented BRT. This video highlights the key lessons learned from the tour. 

Lastly, in response to questions from residents about how the planned station in downtown White Bear Lake will look and function, this animated video was developed to show the approximate scale of the station and how buses will travel in and out of the station from Highway 61.