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SSTS Bulletin

September 2014


2013 SSTS Annual Report: Inspections paving a path to finding, fixing septic systems


The 2013 SSTS Annual Report is now posted on the MPCA website. The report includes data provided by 232 Local Governmental Units (LGUs) that regulate SSTS, and include data from 86 counties, 89 cities, 55 townships, and two other permitting authorities.

Over 11,500 compliance inspections of existing septic systems were reported in 2013. This information was provided by LGUs for the first time in 2013. More than 90 percent of existing compliance inspections was reported by county programs. In 2013, Otter Tail, Cass, Crow Wing, St Louis and Stearns counties all reported more than 500 compliance inspections. Kudos!

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The annual report shows more than 72,500 construction permits were issued over the past 12 years to replace existing systems.  Many upgrades were made following a compliance inspection.  Local SSTS ordinances specify events that will “trigger” a septic system inspection that can lead to fixing or replacing systems. Triggering events include when a home is sold (point of sale), when a homeowner applies for a building permit, when a change in use occurs or when a local variance is being sought.

Since 2008, inspection triggers and other compliance programs implemented by LGUs have increased the estimated number of compliant systems statewide from 309,000 to 427,000, out of a total of 534,000 systems. This means 30 billion gallons of sewage produced in homes and businesses, each year, is being treated by septic systems that meet modern standards.

MPCA gains ticketing authority for SSTS violations