Save the Dates for MPCA Consultants’ Day!

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A big THANK YOU! to all of you who took the time to give us feedback in the two surveys regarding MPCA consultants’ day.  Your feedback was vital in deciding to go forward with an all virtual consultants’ day. We are planning on breaking the day up into 2 morning sessions on Tuesday January 26 and Wednesday January 27 from approximately 8:00 – 12:00 pm.  As you can see from the draft agenda below, the Tuesday session will focus on Remediation division items such as Equis, Vapor BMPs and the Groundwater Atlas project.  The Wednesday session is program specific updates, but it will incorporate several division programs. Besides the two morning live sessions, there will be recorded presentations that can be viewed beforehand. A Q & A for the recorded sessions will be a part of the Wednesday session.  A final agenda with times and speakers will be sent out in mid-December. Here is a draft agenda:


Day 1 – Tuesday January 26 (approximately 8:00am – 12:00pm)



  • Electronic Data Submittals: Program stats and where are we going from here
  • EDGE Electronic Data Deliverables: Common issues and FAQs
  • Q & A

Vapor Intrusion Best Management Practices

  • 2020 New VI BMP updates (Vapor investigation and mitigation decision best management practices (c-rem3-06e) and Vapor mitigation best management practices (c-rem3-06))
  • Brownfields (BF) program discussion - specifics of vapor investigations for BF projects
  • Q & A

Groundwater Contamination Atlas Project

  • Success Story
  • Q & A


Day 2 – Wednesday January 27 (approximately 8:00am – 12-00pm) 


Petroleum Remediation Program (PRP)

  • Report Evaluation and Performance Oversite Team (REPORT) – overview of report form updates to improve consistency
  • Other Guidance Updates – PRP will discuss other minor guidance modifications and recent updates
  • Q & A

Emergency Response

  • MPCA Emergency response team involvement when environmental emergency conditions occur at remediation sites
  • Q & A

Brownfields Program

  • Institutional Controls at Remediation Sites – Our decision making paradigm, how you can access the data, our new templates, and future guidance
  • eServices Voluntary Remediation or Brownfield Programs Enrollment – Details on how to navigate the online application and tips to make the process as efficient as possible

Recorded Sessions Q & A


Recorded Sessions (tentatively available by December 18)

  • PFAS update - state agencies and local units of government working collaboratively to develop a safe and sustainable drinking water plan to address PFAS contamination in the East Metro
  • Closed landfill Program - Working to protect human health and the environment in the vicinity of closed MSW landfills
  • Site Assessment (SA) Prioritization – Overview of site referrals and how they are prioritized for investigation
  • Special Projects – Petroleum and Superfund (SA) closed sites projects

o   PRP Vapor Project – Assessment of petroleum release sites closed prior to the implementation of MPCA vapor intrusion policy in 2005

o   PRP Gasoline Additive Project – Assessing petroleum sites closed prior to 2000 where groundwater may be impacted from a leaded gasoline release.

o   SA Vapor Project Assessing non-petroleum Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) contaminated sites closed prior to update of the vapor intrusion policy in 2014

o   SA Groundwater (TCE) Project  - Assessing potable wells near sites closed with Trichloroethylene (TCE) in groundwater prior to the update of Minnesota Department of Health drinking water standards in 2014


Thanks again for your feedback on this event. We really appreciate it!  We look forward to virtually seeing you at consultants’ day!