March 2018 Industrial Stormwater News

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Industrial Stormwater News

Welcome to the Industrial Stormwater Program, March 2018 Newsletter! 

In this issue:

2020 permit reissuance: dates and updates


Industrial stormwater program staff have officially begun the work of reissuing the 2020 general permit.  Here are key dates for the reissuance process:

Key 2018-2020 dates:

  • January – July 2018: Review existing permit language; sampling and other permit requirements. Draft list of suggested changes, compare EPA and Minnesota’s permits
  • Fall 2018: Draft changes
  • Winter 2018: finalize draft permit language
  • February 2019: Public notice draft permit
  • March - May 2019: Review, respond to comments
  • May 31, 2019: Finalize permit language
  • June 30, 2019:  MPCA commissioner approval
  • July 5 - October 5, 2019: Permittees apply for coverage. Permittees must apply 180 days before April 5, 2020
  • April 5, 2020: “New” permit is reissued and effective

We’ve been tracking suggested changes to the 2020 permit since the 2015 permit became effective.  We continue to spend considerable time deliberating over these suggestions and will involve key stakeholders in the process. Watch for related updates on our home page and within our Permit Development and Program History page, just as we did during the last permit cycle.

Here is the current sampling of suggested changes:


  • Add Sector AD.  Consider requiring location-specific facilities that don’t have a regulated primary SIC code or narrative activity with potential/actual environmental concerns to get permit coverage. Note: this is not meant to require entirely new sectors or industries to get permit coverage


  • Consider having an “I’m done sampling” form or similar requirement for sampling “closure”
  • Clarify hardness dependent adjustment language: permit doesn’t specify # of samples required to collect
  • Consider lowering aluminum benchmark value to EPA’s 0.75mg/L for aquatic life reasons

General requirements:

  • Training requirements similar to construction stormwater's permit
  • Coal tar sealant; additional restrictions being considered
  • BMP repair timelines
  • Vehicle tracking: additional requirements being considered
  • Update anti-degradation requirements to be consistent with updated rules, other stormwater programs
  • Consider increased salt management requirements


  • Clarify vehicle wash water activities where inconsistently worded in “sector chapters”
  • Construction stormwater (CSW) activities for sand & gravel facilities and landfills: consider allowing 1+ acre activities and add CSW-like language, so that a separate CSW permit is not required

If you have any suggested changes, additions, or language you would like to see added or removed, please contact program coordinator/permit writer Melissa Wenzel:, 651-757-2816.  Emails are preferred for written documentation purposes.  

New industrial stormwater workshop!


The MPCA and the University of Minnesota have created a brand new “develop your annual training program” workshop. This 2.5-hour course will help you develop an in-house industrial stormwater training program for your staff that focuses on the permit’s annual training requirements. Instructors provide an individualized, hands-on experience that uses your facility SWPPP and helps provide facility-specific training suggestions.

Spring 2018 industrial stormwater training schedule:

  • April 18, 2018, White Bear Lake: Regulations, SWPPPs, Sampling and Monitoring “overview” workshop
  • May 3, 2018, Chanhassen: Develop your Annual Training Program Workshop
  • May 16, 2018, White Bear Lake: Develop your Annual Training Program Workshop

For additional information or to register for any of these workshops, please visit the U of M Erosion and Stormwater Management Certification Program’s website. You can also view, download and fill out their printable registration form.

You can also call the program: 612-625-9733 or 800-646-2282, or  send them an email: