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SSTS Bulletin

December 2017

Rulemaking starts soon on SSTS inspection/permit requirements


By Brandon Montgomery, MPCA

The MPCA is considering rule amendments that clarify when a State Disposal System (SDS) permit is required rather than a local permit, and when tank pumping is required for completion of a compliance inspection on an existing SSTS. General background information on this rulemaking can be found in previous editions of the SSTS Bulletin (May 2016, May 2017).

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The first public comment period related to this rulemaking process will begin in the next few weeks with a posting in the State Register. In order to stay informed of this rulemaking and to ensure you have adequate time to comment, please subscribe to the newly established GovDelivery rulemaking mailing list. Subscribing to Gov Delivery is as easy as 1-2-3.


Additionally, a rulemaking webpage has been setup providing more information on the specifics of this rule amendment and the expected schedule for this rulemaking.

The upcoming request for comments will be the MPCA’s legal notice of its intent to begin rulemaking and will serve as the first of several opportunities for public comment and input on this project.

At this stage, we do not have a draft rule; we will be requesting your feedback to inform us about the ideas described on the official request for comments. If you have other ideas related to this rulemaking for us to consider, please submit them in writing. Submitting your ideas and data at this early stage in rulemaking allows us more time to address issues that may come up, and helps to ensure informed decision-making on our part.

Written comments, questions, and requests for more information on these possible rule amendments should be directed to Katie Izzo, Rule Coordinator—Minnesota Pollution Control Agency, 520 Lafayette Rd. N, St. Paul, MN 55155-4194; Telephone: 651-757-2595; Toll-free: 1-800-657-3864; or email.

2016 Minnesota SSTS Annual Report available online


By Cody Robinson, MPCA

The 2016 SSTS Annual Report for Minnesota is now available online. The report summarizes information submitted by local governmental units (LGUs) such as counties, townships and cities that permit and inspect septic systems and work with local septic system pumpers, designers and installers.

The 2016 report continues to show progress toward the state's goal of identifying the location and condition of all septic systems in the state and fixing or replacing septic systems that pose a threat to human health and/or groundwater or surface waters.

In 2016, 86 counties, 86 cities, 43 townships and four other permitting authorities submitted SSTS annual report information to the MPCA. LGUs reported 4,639 new systems and 5,917 replacement systems were installed in 2016.

Since 2002, LGUs have issued 176,860 SSTS construction permits for new and replacement systems. This means that roughly 33% of Minnesota's 541,865 septic systems are less than 15 years old.

Direct any questions about the 2016 SSTS Annual Report to Cody Robinson, MPCA St. Paul, or by phone at (651) 757-2535.