Energy myths

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Energy myths

Energy myths


We all use energy every day to heat, power, and light our homes. And using energy wisely can help slow the rate of climate change, have a positive impact on local air and water quality, and help our individual—and collective—wallets.

But there are many “energy myths” that can lead us down pathways that are a waste of time or money—and sometimes are even dangerous.

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Make memories, not trash. Gift-giving can be stressful, especially when the persons we're giving to already have all they can handle or need. Research has shown that material things don't bring lasting happiness. In fact, they can actually add to our stress levels! Experiences, on the other hand, live on in our memories and stories. Consider giving some experience-based gifts this year instead of stuff. For ideas, see the MPCA's Make memories, not trash web-page.

Interested in learning more about this topic? New Dream, the organization that brought us Simplify the Holidays and the SoKind Registry, is conducting a brief survey exploring the attitudes, barriers, and benefits associated with experiential gift giving. To participate or to get more details on the project, click here. At the end of the survey, click the link to pledge to simplify your holidays this winter by giving one experiential gift instead of a material gift. Feel free to share the survey with others.

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