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SSTS Bulletin

December 2016 edition


SSTS talking tour is coming to town

The MPCA is again hosting meetings across Minnesota where local SSTS program administrators and staff can ask questions, raise issues and discuss policy matters with the MPCA’s SSTS staff. Last year, 90 jurisdictions were represented at the meetings. We are hoping for a similar turnout in 2017.

2017 talking Tour Schedule


Reminder: "building sewer" requirements in effect


A reminder to all SSTS professionals that the plumbing code has been in effect statewide since 2007. All building sewers are considered plumbing and must meet the conditions of the plumbing code. Notably,


  1. SSTS designers must submit building sewer plans to the Department of Labor and Industry when designing SSTS for all other establishments and residential buildings with five or more units. This application includes plan submittal instructions. Unless defined as a “state building project”, all SSTS in plumbing code-enforced areas are subject to local plumbing program plan approval and inspection requirements. Use this tool to find local plumbing code jurisdictions.  
  2. SSTS installers must hold a current pipelayer certification or individual plumbing license and work for an appropriately licensed business when installing building sewers. Installers must provide adequate notice to the local septic system program AND appropriate plumbing program representative when work requires inspection.
  3. SSTS inspectors may permit and/or inspect building sewers connected to septic systems for compliance with the Minnesota Plumbing Code when a plumbing inspection is not required or the inspector has prior permission from the local or state plumbing program with jurisdiction.

Find more information about SSTS professionals and building sewers in this factsheet:

More information about building sewer specifications can be found here.