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SSTS Bulletin

Special SSTS Annual Report Edition, October 2016


2015 SSTS Annual Report available online


The 2015 SSTS Annual Report for Minnesota is now available online. The report summarizes information submitted by local governmental units (LGUs) such as counties, townships and cities that permit and inspect septic systems and work with local septic system pumpers, designers and installers.

The 2015 report continues to show progress toward the state's goal of identifying the location and condition of all septic systems in the state and fixing or replacing septic systems that pose a threat to human health and/or groundwater or surface waters.

In 2015, 86 counties, 80 cities, 44 townships and four other permitting authorities submitted SSTS annual report information to the MPCA. LGUs reported 4,288 news systems and 6,205 replacement systems were installed in 2015.

Since 2002, LGUs have issued 166,307 SSTS construction permits for new and replacement systems or repairs. This means that roughly 31% of Minnesota's 543,454 septic systems are less than 14 years old.

Direct any questions about the 2015 SSTS Annual Report to Cody Robinson, MPCA St. Paul, or by phone at (651) 757-2535.