New air dispersion modeling e-Service now available

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New air dispersion modeling e-Service now available

The MPCA launched a new Electronic Service on Tuesday, September 20th that allows air dispersion modeling protocols to now be submitted online.  The MPCA is not currently requiring facilities to use the online service, but we encourage making the transition no later than November 21st, 2016.


The new online submission service will have many benefits both for the MPCA and regulated facilities.  It will make modeling reviews faster by streamlining processes and decreasing data entry.  The e-Service portal will help populate a new database of modeling parameters that will reduce the time and effort required for nearby source inventory requests and reduce the need for re-entering certain facility data for each modeling exercise.

Getting Started

First-time users of the new e-Service should go to the MPCA’s new Air Quality Dispersion Modeling Forms webpage for help getting started. The Forms page has links to e-Services, instructions on setting up an account and getting facility access, and a list of information needed for each page in the e-Service. Also, once in the e-Service, users will have access to help files for every page and field, as well as links back to the latest version of MPCA’s Air Dispersion Modeling Practices Manual. If the help pages and Modeling Practices Manual do not provide the information needed, users should contact the MPCA at

Note for large facilities: Large facilities with more than 50 stacks conducting simple significant impact level modeling demonstrations are encouraged to contact the MPCA at before beginning an air modeling e-Service protocol.


As with any big technology change, there will be some learning along the way as MPCA continues to optimize the service. There are always improvements that can be made and the MPCA will continue to work on those that will make the system quicker and easier to use. While there is a schedule for improvements, if you have constructive comments on ways the system could be improved, please notify the MPCA at