An Announcement from Council Member Ferguson

Christopher Ferguson

Message from Council Member Ferguson

I’m writing today to share that I’m stepping down from the Metropolitan Council at the end of January. As an Eden Prairie resident for 22 years, I’ve been proud to represent this part of the region on the Met Council for the past three years. However, our lives evolve and it is time for me to step back to allow another local leader to join the Met Council as I am moving out of District 3 to begin the process of blending families and focus on growing my company.


I’m proud that District 3 has seen significant investment in the past three years, including the construction of the METRO Green Line Extension project, that will connect Eden Prairie and Minnetonka with Hopkins, Saint Louis Park, Minneapolis, and Saint Paul. I owned a business along the original Green Line corridor, so I know firsthand the challenges and opportunities that come with a transformative project like this. There is more work to do before the line opens, and I look forward to the regional and local connections and benefits that the Green Line Extension will bring when it opens. Many of those benefits are already starting to be felt. The line has spurred development in the region with more than $2 billion of existing and planned investment within a 10-minute walk of the line.


I am honored to have served District 3 and had the opportunity to make the region a better place for everyone. As the Management Committee chair, I’ve collaborated with colleagues, regional partners, and staff to reduce racial disparities. While we’ve made some important strides in increasing our contracts with businesses owned by BIPOC entrepreneurs and diversifying our workforce, there is more work to be done to make our region a more equitable place to live, work, and recreate.


I remain passionate about the focus of the Met Council. My commitment to ensure people have an equal opportunity to prosper regardless of the color of their skin, where they are from, who they love, or what god, if any, they worship has only become stronger.


My last day with the Met Council will be January 31. The Governor’s Open Appointments process for a new representative for District 3 will begin soon. I encourage anyone interested to apply. In the meantime, I’m confident our staff will ensure that the voices of District 3 residents are heard at the Met Council. Until the new District 3 Council Member is appointed, please reach out at with any questions or feedback.



Chris Ferguson

District 3

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Contact Information 

Christopher Ferguson
Metropolitan Council Offices
390 Robert St North
Saint Paul, MN 55101


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