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2019-2020 School Year Data Now Available

As we approach the new school year, learn more about last school year’s kindergarteners on the ECLDS website. By browsing our reports, you can access and view data for the 2019-2020 school year, all the way back to the 2013-2014 school year, for a total of seven years of data.

Take a closer look at what the data tell you about Minnesota's young children and their families in your district or county. ECLDS reports can help you learn about the children participating in early care and education programs and inform possible strategies to support their participation and development. 


Go deeper into the data by filtering your search options by school year, disability type, home language, child's gender, and birth record criteria, among others.

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New Report Examines Ages
Minnesota Kids Are First Screened 

The new Early Childhood Screening report considers how early childhood or family factors relate to the age a child received screening. Find it in the Birth to Pre-K Reports section of the ECLDS.

Use the filter options and open multiple views to create groups of kids with common experiences or characteristics in order to see who in your county or district is being screened at age 3, the age at which screening is first recommended.


Not sure how to do this? We have a Regional Coaching Network that can help. Reach out to your Regional Coach today.

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 Kindergarten Attendance
Considered in New Report

The new Kindergarten Attendance report examines how available early childhood factors relate to kindergarten attendance. Use data from the ECLDS’s new Kindergarten Attendance report in combination with your local school and district data to identify student populations that may need additional supports to ensure more consistent attendance. Find it in the ECLDS’s Kindergarten Reports.

KA report
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More Robust Minnesota Public
Preschool Data in ECLDS Reports

This summer, the Minnesota Department of Education (MDE) began sharing in the ECLDS its Voluntary Prekindergarten (VPK) and School Readiness Plus (SRP) program data. The VPK and SRP data combine with the School Readiness program data that has always been part of ECLDS to offer you more robust and complete data about Minnesota District Preschool. Because each program started in different years, School Readiness data are included beginning with the 2013-2014 school year reports, VPK data begin with the 2016-2017 school year reports, and SRP data begin with the 2017-2018 school year reports. Learn more about the three public preschool programs on the MDE website.

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 Use the ECLDS for Your
Community Assessment Reporting

The new ECLDS Community Assessment report is intended as a one-stop shop for much of the state-available information required for Head Start federal reporting in particular, and can also be used by school districts, county staff, local agencies, and more.

The report pulls information on young children from the Minnesota Departments of Health, Education, and Human Services, as well as the ECLDS Census Data Tool. Access this new report in the ECLDS menu, under Birth to Pre-K Reports or quickly jump to the report from here. 

Community Assessment

When using the report, keep in mind that categories vary by the fiscal year you choose. For example, there are seven available data categories when fiscal year 2020 is selected, while there are twice as many data categories when fiscal year 2015 is chosen. This is because the most recent Census data available in the ECLDS is from 2015.

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New ECLDS and SLEDS Video Tutorial

The ECLDS+SLEDS team has been working on new video tutorials and the first one is ready to use! The Overview video is a general introduction to ECLDS and SLEDS. Please share it with anyone who you think would benefit!

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Learn More about Minnesota’s PDG Work

The Preschool Development Grant (PDG) works to align education and care systems across Minnesota. Learn more about why this work is important by taking a few minutes to watch Working Together to Improve Early Childhood Systems [video]. With its cross-agency linked data, ECLDS will likely be used as an evaluative tool for some of Minnesota’s PDG work

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