A message from Mayor Wiersum

City of Minnetonka

A message from Mayor Wiersum

Dear Minnetonka residents,

I hope you’re well. Spring was here … and then it wasn’t. Just another unpredictable weather week in the state we love.

Thanks largely to our always-changing weather, Minnesotans are adaptable. This skill has been invaluable as we’ve been forced to adapt nearly every aspect of our lives during the COVID-19 pandemic. Those adjustments continue to work. Minnesota certainly has experienced tragedy, but on a smaller scale than other countries and states. Congratulations on your diligence and contributions to this society-wide effort – it’s making a difference and saving lives.

Stay the course

Now that the curve appears to be flattening, many are beginning to think, “I just want this to be over.” Getting the economy and our lives back on an even keel is a universal desire. However, it’s essential to stay the course. Returning to normalcy too quickly will come at an enormous cost. Our continued diligence will save lives. It is literally an investment in our future well-being.

Please continue to follow CDC guidelines and the Governor’s “Stay at Home” order. Only go out for essential activities, wear a cloth mask and strictly maintain six feet of separation. Remember, six feet means six feet.

Help if you can

Beyond the obvious health impact, this crisis continues to hurt so many, including here in Minnetonka. Thankfully, organizations such as ICA Foodshelf, ResourceWest, Metro Meals on Wheels, Second Harvest Heartland and Twin Cities United Way (and many more) continue to offer supplies and support to our residents who need it most.

If you’re in need, reach out to these organizations to learn how they can help. If you’re able, consider donating money (perhaps some of your federal stimulus payment?) or supplies to these wonderful causes. Visit minnetonkamn.gov/coronavirus to learn more about available resources and how you can help.

A debt of gratitude

We all owe a sincere debt of gratitude to those on the front lines. Thank you to nurses and doctors dealing with this pandemic head-on, cashiers at the grocery store, mail carriers, personal care attendants, police officers, firefighters, those in the military and so many more. We are indebted to your service and bravery. Challenging times will continue, and you are the heroes who will lead us through it.

You are in my continued thoughts and prayers. Be kind, be generous, be well.


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Brad Wiersum
City of Minnetonka



Stay updated

Visit minnetonkamn.gov/coronavirus to sign up for email or text updates and to find information and an abundance of helpful resources for residents and businesses, including ways to help those in need.