Statement on COVID-19 death in school-aged child

minnesota department of health

Statement on COVID-19 death in school-aged child

The Minnesota Department of Health issued this statement today upon confirmation of a COVID-19 related death involving a school-aged child.

We are deeply saddened to confirm that a child under age 10 from southwestern Minnesota has died due to complications from COVID-19. While COVID-related deaths in children are rare, they can occur even in otherwise healthy children. Since the start of the pandemic, three Minnesota children under age 18 have died due to COVID-19. Because this is a death in a school-aged student in Minnesota, it will be included in Thursday’s school data update.

Since children under 16 are not yet eligible to receive a COVID-19 vaccine, the best approach we all can take to keep children safe is to make sure those around them who can get vaccinated do get vaccinated, and that we continue to follow those measures that prevent transmission of the virus. Those measures include getting vaccinated as soon as you can, wearing masks when in public, socially distancing, getting tested regularly, staying home if you test positive or if you’re sick, washing your hands and covering your coughs.