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Supporting Mental Well-Being During COVID

MDH Shared Resources

Check out MDH websites for resources on mental well-being during COVID. Sites may be updated frequently.

Some of the current resources include:

  • Supporting Mental Well-being During COVID-19 (Includes tips for children and parents, and kids activities.)
  • Tips to Reduce COVID-19 Anxiety
  • Care for your Coronavirus Anxiety
  • Behavioral Health Emergency Preparedness COVID resources
  • Self-Care and applying Psychological First Aid (especially for first responders and public health)
  • Mental health related hotlines.

Other Hotline Numbers for Families


The following may be useful resources to support use of telemedicine.  We will share further official guidance about telemedicine when available.  

What are others doing?  A few examples....

Here are just a few examples of steps local public health is taking. 

  • Ramsey County is hosting Virtual Wellness Check-Ins via zoom, Mondays @ 1:00 for anyone.
  • Minneapolis is surveying staff about their mental well-being needs at this time.
  • Washington County is sharing an extensive list of resources with partners.

Basecamp- Share your examples!

There is a file on the Mental Well-being and Resilience Learning Community Basecamp site, along with a discussion thread for people to share examples and resources regarding steps to promote mental well-being and resilience.

Please share your innovating ideas for others.

Join the Mental Well-being Basecamp conversation

Other Resources

A special thanks to Margaret Schuster, from Minneapolis Public Health, the Minneapolis CHIP team, and Natalie Vasilj, from Washington County Public Health, for sharing their list of resources!

Employers and Supervisors

Support for Families and Children

Faith-based, Spirituality and Mental Wellbeing

Thank you for all that you are doing to promote mental well-being in Minnesota!