Nutrition Program Update for April 10, 2018

department of education

Nutrition Program Update for April 10, 2018

Additional School Year 2018-19 Fruit Survey

It has come to our attention that a number of districts missed a few of the USDA Foods survey deadlines. Specifically, the canned and frozen fruits and vegetables, surveys 2 and 3. We cannot re-open the surveys since we had a deadline in which all the surveys have to be tallied and submitted to USDA.

What we have done is reviewed previous year’s orders and added more canned and frozen fruit trucks on the most popular items. The items offered will not meet everyone’s needs, but it will allow those that missed the deadline another opportunity to utilize their entitlement on canned and frozen fruits for the upcoming school year.

The new survey (commodity survey #39) is now open in CLiCS 1 and will be open until April 23.

We thank all of you for your commitment to ensuring the health and academic success of Minnesota’s children.