Nutrition Program Updates for the Week of April 16, 2018

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Nutrition Program Updates for April 16, 2018

Annual Notification of District-wide Eligibility for the Community Eligibility Provision for School Year 2018-19

The Community Eligibility Provision (CEP) allows eligible districts and/or schools with a high percentage of students from low-income households to provide school lunches and breakfasts at no charge to all students, and simplify meal counting and claiming procedures.

To be eligible, SFAs and/or schools must have a minimum Identified Student Percentage (ISP) of 40 percent on April 1.

The ISP equals the number of identified students in a site/group of sites divided by the number of students enrolled in that site/group of sites.

Identified students include:

  • Directly certified students.
  • Students who live in the same household of directly certified students.
  • Homeless, migrant or runaway students.
  • Head Start/Even Start/Early Start participants.
  • Recipients of the Food Distribution Program on Indian Reservations (FDPIR).

Enrolled students are those who have access to either breakfast or lunch at the site(s).

2018-19 School Food Authority Proxy Data for the Community Eligibility Provision – A list showing an estimated districtwide ISP for eligible and near eligible school food authorities (SFA) – is now available on the CEP webpage. RCCIs are not eligible to participate on CEP. However, a day treatment program site that is operated by an RCCI is eligible to participate. The data is sorted by SFA sponsor number.

A list showing estimated site/school level ISPs will be available on the Minnesota Department of Education’s website by May 1.

SFAs/sites interested in CEP must determine the April 1 ISP of the site/group of sites wanting to participate and must consider other factors before applying for this provision. View information about CEP on the Minnesota Department of Education website.

SFAs can submit their applications for CEP in May when the 2018-19 School Nutrition Program application is available in the Cyber-Linked Interactive Child Nutrition System (CLiCS) 2. The Community Eligibility Provision Application Instructions for School Year 2018-19 are now available if you would like to begin gathering your materials for submission.

Please contact Nicole Podhora at 651-582-8490 or if you have any questions about CEP.