Nutritional Program Updates for the Week of February 26, 2018

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Nutritional Program Updates for the Week of February 26, 2018

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Food Distribution Update

SY 2018 – 2019 Spring Surveys

Spring surveys will be open March 2-April 3, 2018. The new SY18-19 sponsor entitlement awards have been uploaded to CLiCS1. Access the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Foods Available List SY18-19 on the USDA website.

The spring surveys will feature a number of new regular USDA items for next year.  They are:

  1. 110859 Mixed Berries, Cup Frz
  2. 110871 Mixed Vegetables, No Salt Frz
  3. 110921 Chicken, Fillet, Unbreaded Frz
  4. 110911 Turkey, Deli Ham, Smoked Frz
  5. 110931 Egg, Patty, Cooked Round Frz

Look for the Ready Set Survey 2019 available March 1 on the Food Distribution webpage. Review the spring bulletin for a complete summary of the new and eliminated items for next year as well as other Food Distribution Program news.

Butternut Squash (Item #110861)

Due to the quality and preparation concerns submitted regarding this product, USDA has agreed to reimburse the state for the SY17-18 ordered cases. Vendor changes have been made to ensure this product will not contain seeds, peel, or pith as described in the product information sheets. Sponsor reimbursement for the squash will be completed in June and added to your entitlement balance.


Net Off Invoice (NOI) and Fee-for-Service (FFS) 

Remember the Minnesota Rebate Program will not be available for SY18-19. To help provide a clearer understanding of how the NOI and Fee-for Service diversion channels work, visit Net Off Invoice (NOI) and Fee-for-Service (FFS).

If you have any questions about any of the above information, contact MDE Food and Nutrition Service at 651-582-8526, 1-800-366-8922 (MN Toll-free) or email

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Summer Food Service Program Updates

Training Opportunity

New this year! SFSP trainings will be available through online training courses that will cover all of the basic SFSP topics. A civil rights course and an SFSP refresher course will also be available.

Online courses will be interactive, approximately 10-15 minutes in length and available any time.

Instructions and online course information will be available in early March. For a sneak peek, check out the first topic on SFSP Participant Eligibility (10 minutes).  

We will also offer a number of in-person workshops, but are limiting the number of locations as we believe sponsors will find the online courses both convenient and comprehensive. In-person workshops will be designed to reinforce the information covered in the online courses so sponsors will need to view the online courses prior to attending an in-person workshop.

In-person workshop dates and locations:

  • April 10 (White Earth)
  • April 18 (Mankato)
  • April 23 (Roseville)

Watch this listserv for more information on the online training courses and the in-person workshop registration. 

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School Nutrition Program Updates


Deadline Extended for Comments on Food Crediting

USDA has extended the deadline to April 23, 2018, for program operators and others to submit comments on the previously issued Food Crediting in Child Nutrition Programs: Request for Information. USDA would like to gather more ideas about potential changes to how foods credit. To submit questions and comments or review others’ comments, visit the Federal Register website.


Renewal of Food Service Management Contracts and Contracts for Vended Meals

A 2017 state law revised Minnesota Statutes, section 123B.52, so that public schools could renew food service management contracts and vended meal contracts up to four times after the original contract year. This allowed the state law to match federal program regulations for all SFAs. This means these types of contracts may be renewed for 2018-19 if the original contract year was 2014-15 or later. Older contracts may not be renewed.

Prices or fees in renewed contracts may be increased by no more than 1.9 percent from 2017-18 prices or fees. This is based on the Consumer Price Index – All Urban Consumers (CPI-U), Midwest Region, Food Away from Home, for the 12 months ending December 2017.

Before renewing a contact, an SFA must determine that the company has met contractual requirements during the current contract year. This includes the requirement that the company has fully credited the SFA for the 2017-18 value of USDA Foods. MDE will post a new form to the website to assist SFAs in reconciling the total value of USDA Foods for a contract year to the total credits received from the company.

These documents will be posted on the MDE website by early March:

  • Template for 2018-19 Renewal of a Food Service Management Contract
  • Template for 2018-19 Renewal of a Contract for Vended Meals
  • A new form for SFA to reconcile the contract year’s value of USDA Foods to the contract year’s credits provided for USDA Foods.

Tuesdays @ 2 Webinars

A variety of topics will be offered during this year’s Tuesdays@2 webinar series. All webinars begin at 2 p.m. and will be 30-60 minutes in length, unless otherwise noted. Registration and session information will be posted on the Training: School Nutrition Programs webpage.


Upcoming Webinars 

February 27 – How Much Should that Meal Cost?

Join us for a discussion on determining meal prices in school nutrition programs. This session will review the requirements for pricing of adult meals, breakfast, program adults and lunch.

Registration – How Much Should that Meal Cost?

March 6 – Completing the Paid Lunch Equity Tool

The Paid Lunch Equity (PLE) provision of the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010 requires school food authorities (SFAs) to ensure that sufficient funds are paid to the school service account to cover the costs of paid student lunches. This session will provide an overview of PLE and walk participants through completing a PLE spreadsheet.

Registration – Completing the Paid Lunch Equity Tool

March 13 – Meal Charge Policies

All School Food Authorities (SFA) are required to have a written meal charge policy. An SFA may have a consistent policy for all students in the school district or choose to apply the policy differently based on student grade level. This session will review the requirement for a meal charge policy and highlight resources available to assist you in meeting this requirement.

Registration – Meal Charge Policies 

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