Nutritional Program Updates for the Week of February 12, 2018

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Nutritional Program Updates for the Week of February 12, 2018

All Programs Update

United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Memo Update 

Market Basket Analysis (SP 4-2018, SFSP 1-2018, CACFP 4-2018)
The USDA issued a memo on “Market Basket Analysis when Procuring Program Goods and Modifying Contracted-For Product Lists.” View the USDA Market Basket Analysis memo about how to ensure that federal procurement requirements are met when awarding a contract based on a sponsor’s “market basket” of food products.

  • “Market basket” is defined as a representative sample of goods that the program operator wishes to obtain from the vendor. The contract is awarded based on the bid prices for providing products in the market basket. Sample language for using a market basket is provided for sponsor’s procurement procedures and the solicitation. 
  • USDA recommends that a market basket include at least 75 percent of the total estimated contract purchases.
  • Additional products that were not included in the original solicitation may be purchased if allowed in the original solicitation and contract. USDA recommends limiting additional costs to 5-10 percent of the total contract value.

Program Benefits for Evacuated Children (SP 5-2018, CACFP 5-2018)
This memo provides an overview of options specific to children and adult survivors who have been evacuated from areas due to major disaster and emergency situations. The policy is not new, but summarizes options for providing meals or food to survivors, including eligibility for meal benefits in participating schools, centers, and homes. View the USDA Program Benefits for Evacuated Children memo.

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School Nutrition Program Updates

Food Distribution Update

Truck Delays from Fall Surveys School Year (SY) 2017-2018
Due to vendor constraints, the following January 2018 trucks ordered from the fall 2017-2018 surveys have been delayed until March:

  • 100293 Raisins Box – 144/1.33 OZ
  • 100277 Orange Juice Single CTN – 70/4 OZ
  • 100177 Chicken Fajita Strips CTN – 30 LB
  • 100101 Chicken Diced CTN – 40 LB

Commodity Item 110861 Diced Butternut Squash
A formal complaint was submitted to the USDA regarding the quality of this product. Unfortunately, the product contained peel, seeds and pith making it difficult to prepare for meals. The USDA has consulted the vendor and are investigating for a resolution prior to spring surveys. We have requested to be reimbursed for the unconsumed cases. 

Department of Defense (DoD) Fresh Produce Funds
Just a reminder that entitlement allocated to DoD must be used in the same program year. It will not rollover. DoD balances can be viewed in the Fresh Fruit and Vegetables Order Receipt System (FFAVORS). Unused or little used balances will be reviewed for redistribution in April 2018. 

Net Off Invoice (NOI) and Fee-for-Service
Check your Processor Link and K12 profiles for accuracy. Also, while planning for your SY18-19 survey allocations please review and monitor your raw pounds to ensure carryover policies are being met. 

(Note: The Minnesota Rebate Program will no longer be offered effective SY2018-2019. NOI and Fee-for-Service will be the only diversion channels available.) 

SY 2018-2019 Spring Surveys
Preparations have begun for the spring surveys. The new SY18-19 sponsor entitlement awards will be uploaded to CLiCS1 Friday, February 16, 2018. Please continue to watch these announcements for the opening of the spring campaign. Access the USDA Foods Available List 2018-2019

The spring surveys will feature some new regular USDA items for next year. They are:

  1. 110859 Mixed Berries, Cup Frz
  2. 110871 Mixed Vegetables, No Salt Frz
  3. 110921 Chicken, Fillet, Unbreaded Frz
  4. 110911 Turkey, Deli Ham, Smoked Frz
  5. 110931 Egg, Patty, Cooked Round Frz

To learn how to survey, visit Ready Set Survey 2019. Watch the spring bulletin for a complete summary of the new and eliminated items for next year as well as other Food Distribution Program news. 

If you have any questions about any of the above information, contact MDE Food and Nutrition Service at 651-582-8526, 1-800-366-8922 (MN Toll-free) or email

Summer Food Service Program (SFSP) Training Opportunity

New this year! SFSP trainings will be available through online training courses that will cover all of the basic SFSP topics. A civil rights course and an SFSP refresher course will also be available.

Online courses will be interactive, approximately 10-15 minutes in length and available any time.

Instructions and online course information will be available in early March. For a sneak peek, check out the first topic on SFSP Participant Eligibility (10 minutes).   

We will also offer a number of in-person workshops, but are limiting the number of locations as we believe sponsors will find the online courses both convenient and comprehensive. In-person workshops will be designed to reinforce the information covered in the online courses so sponsors will need to view the on-line courses prior to attending an in-person workshop.

In-person workshop dates and locations:

  • April 10 (White Earth)
  • April 18 (Mankato)
  • April 23 (Roseville)

Watch the listserv for more information on the online training courses and the in-person workshop registration.

Tuesdays @ 2 Webinars

A variety of topics will be offered during this year’s Tuesdays @ 2 webinar series. All webinars begin at 2 p.m. and will be 30-60 minutes in length, unless otherwise noted. Registration and session information will be posted on the Training: School Nutrition Programs webpage.

Upcoming Webinars   

February 13 – Summer Food Service Opportunities for School Nutrition Programs
Join MDE’S Summer Food Service Coordinator, to learn how you can provide meals at no charge to students during the summer.

Registration – Summer Food Service Opportunities for School Nutrition Programs

February 20 – Dialogue with Deb
Join Deb Lukkonen, Supervisor for School Nutrition Programs, for an update on school nutrition in Minnesota.

Registration – Dialogue with Deb

February 27 – How Much Should that Meal Cost?
Join us for a discussion on determining meal prices in school nutrition programs. This session will review the requirements for pricing of adult meals, breakfast, program adults and lunch.

Registration – How Much Should that Meal Cost?

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