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January 2021

This month, in the Scoop

  • Community Training: Overview of homelessness diversion in Hennepin County 

  • Revision to the CES Transfer Policy

  • New members wanted - Single Adults and Youth CES Leadership Committee is seeking new members

  • Coordinated Entry Leadership Recap

Community Training: Overview of homelessness diversion in Hennepin County 

What: The training will provide an overview of diversion in Hennepin County and specific program information for youth, families, and singles – including access points, services provided, etc. Representatives from the diversion programs in Hennepin County will introduce their programs and work flow as well to provide examples of how Diversion is already in operation in our community.

When: Thursday, February 4th, 2021, 9:30 AM - 10:45 AM

Who should attend: Any providers/community members interested in learning more about Hennepin County's diversion programs should attend. 

Where: Event will be virtual. Register below to obtain the link to the presentation.

Registration:  https://hcdiversiontraining.eventbrite.com

Revision to the CES Transfer Policy

In response to feedback from Rapid Re-housing (RRH) providers, a subcommittee of the CES Leadership committees met and developed suggestions to revise the Transfer Policy. They presented their suggestions to both CES Leadership Committees who voted to approve the suggested revisions.  

Changes to this policy include:

  • Specific benchmarks that need to be met prior to requesting a transfer from RRH/TH to PSH.
  • An option to have the Hennepin County CES Team help find an appropriate PSH opening (if the housing provider is unable to make that connection to a PSH provider). 
  • Removal of the requirement that all RRH/TH to PSH transfers need to go to the CES Leadership committees for approval. 

This transfer policy change is not intended to be a bridge for all households in RRH/TH to PSH because, unfortunately, there are not enough PSH units in our community for that to be possible. It is designed for those with clearly identified need for PSH, where without the transfer, the household would otherwise return to homelessness.

→ Transfer Request Policy

→ Transfer Request Form

Single Adults and Youth CES Leadership Committee is seeking new members

Are you interested making your voice heard on key Coordinated Entry decisions?

The Single Adult and Youth Coordinated Entry Leadership Committee is looking for new members. Interested parties should fill out and submit an application. Hennepin CoC strives to be inclusive and prioritizes persons from diverse backgrounds.

Download applications here:

CES Leadership Application Form

Overview of membership

Membership is comprised of Hennepin Continuum of Care stakeholders from the local community. Vacancies are filled through an application process facilitated by the current Committee members with support from Hennepin County’s Office to End Homelessness. Members meet monthly, with the possibility of additional subcommittee meetings. Terms are two years and are not eligible for re-nomination. Turnover will be staggered in order to ensure continuity in planning.

Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  1. Review CES operations on a monthly basis and establish and/or update CES Policies and Procedures as necessary, in accordance with Guiding Principles.
  2. Establish an annual CES evaluation plan and review evaluation results. Evaluation findings and results are used to inform updates and changes to CES operational practices.
  3. Review and approve all supporting CES documentation, including but not limited to: participation agreements among CoC and participating agencies, assessment tools, prioritization criteria and tools, referral cover sheets, and case conferencing protocols.

Coordinated Entry Leadership Recap:

This month, the Singles and Youth Leadership Committee and the Family Leadership Committee gathered (virtually) for their annual retreats. The retreats are an opportunity for the committees to review the previous year's work plan and set a course for the year ahead. In addition to the long term planning, the committees joined together for a session focused on race and equity. This session combined a training on cultural humility with individual learning activities and discussion. Here are the notes from the retreats:

Singles and Youth Leadership Committee

Family Leadership Committee

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