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November 2020

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  • Diversion Training: January 14th 

  • No ROI = No housing referral

  • Request masks for your organization

  • Thanksgiving day meals

  • Leadership Recap 

Community Training: Overview of homelessness diversion in Hennepin County 

What: The training will provide an overview of diversion in Hennepin County and specific program information for youth, families, and singles – including access points, services provided, etc. Representatives from the diversion programs in Hennepin County will introduce their programs and work flow as well to provide examples of how Diversion is already in operation in our community.

When: January 14th 1`:30-2:45 (save the date)

Who should attend: Any providers/community members interested in learning more about Hennepin County's diversion programs should attend. 

Hosted by: Jonathan Cox, Senior Project Director at C4 Innovations and Consultant to the Hennepin County Coordinated Entry System. He has provided technical assistance to numerous Continuums of Care, led the design and implementation of a diversion program with Ohio’s Balance of State Continuum of Care, and supports communities to increase recovery housing capacity.

Registration: Save the date on your calendar now to avoid conflicts. A link to register will be sent out soon. 


Coordinated Entry System Release of Information is required before a housing referral can be received

Clients participating in Hennepin County’s Coordinated Entry System (CES) should complete a CES Release of Information (ROI); this ROI is different than the standard HMIS Release of Information. The date that the CES ROI was completed must be entered into HMIS.


Click here to download the CES ROI Form


Signed ROI can lead to a housing referral

Recently, a shelter advocate noticed that a guest at their shelter was missing their CES ROI. The advocate assisted the guest in getting the form signed and recorded it in HMIS. The shelter guest, who had experienced homelessness for over a year, received a referral to housing two days after the ROI was uploaded.


Guidance on how to record the Coordinated Entry System (CES) Release of Information (ROI)

Make sure households that you are assessing are signing the ROI and you are recording the date the form was singed in HMIS. Here are direction on how to Record a CES ROI Date in HMIS.pdf


Those experiencing chronic homelessness are prioritized, but they need a signed ROI form

Currently, there are 104 people in Hennepin County that meet the definition of chronic homelessness but have not signed a CES ROI. Housing referrals through Coordinated Entry are prioritized for individuals that meet this definition, however, if the CES ROI is not signed and recorded in HMIS these individuals will not receive a housing referral. Like the shelter guest, mentioned above, a housing referral could happen quickly if an ROI is signed. 

Request masks for your organization

Hennepin County has cloth masks available for organizations to distribute at no cost to people in the community and their employees.

Fill out the survey to make your request today.

Thanksgiving Day Meals

Thank you to our friends at St. Stephens Human Services for sharing this list of Thanksgiving Day Meals.



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Leadership recap

Family CES Leadership committee

Singles CES Leadership committee


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