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April 2019

This month in the Coordinated Entry System (CES) Scoop

  • Homeless Management Information System (HMIS) updates for Housing Providers
  • Cancel/Decline picklist updated
  • Closing the Feedback Loop
  • Coordinated Entry System (CES) 101
  • Record and update when you learn something new
  • Family leadership committee is recruiting
  • Coordianted Entry System (CES) Leadership recap

HMIS updates for housing providers

Cancel/Decline picklist updated

The Cancel/Decline picklist options that appear at the Referral Outcome step of the Coordinated Entry referral have been updated.

Checkout the workflow instructions at hmismn.org/coordinated-entry/. Click on Hennepin CoC and go to page # 5. 


  • Choosing Cancel means you will deny the referral and will remove the client from the priority list
  •  Examples of when to use Cancel: Housing provider finds out a person will be in an institution for over 90 days, Person clearly moved out of Hennepin CoC, person found housing outside of Coordinated Entry. 
  • Choosing Decline means you will deny the referral but you will return the person to the person to the priority list. Assuming, the “Entry” to the priority list is still open, no extra needs to be taken here. They will be on the priority list where they may receive another referral
  • Some examples of when you would use Decline: client refused housing option, or client doesn't meet eligibility.

New Cancel/Decline Picklist:


Close the Feedback Loop

Housing Move-in Date

Housing Move-In Date is the date a household moves into housing. It is vital to record this date to track the length of time it takes for a household to move from the assessment to being housed. 

If there is no Housing Move-in Date then the client should be canceled/declined (see above). All referrals should should have an outcome of Cancel/Decline or a Housing Move In Date. 



Reminder: When housing someone, please make sure to exit them from the priority list. This entails creating an Exit to their corresponding Entry onto the CES Hennepin Priority list.


Update the CES Housing Referral Tracking sub assessment

The CES Housing Referral Tracking sub assessment, located in the coordinated entry assessment, always needs to be updated at the conclusion of a referral. Below you will see the two sections that Housing Providers are asked to fill out. 

sub assessment

CES 101 Training

A basic overview of the Coordinated Entry System (CES)

When: Tuesday June 4th 1:00 - 2:30

Where: Brookdale Library (Rooms: ABC) 

What: CES 101 is designed to offer an overview of Hennepin County's Coordinated Entry System. This training will focus on the basics of what Coordinated Entry is, is not, access points, who it is intended to serve and what resources are available specifically in the Hennepin County system.

The intended audience for this training are new staff members, advocates or community agencies not familiar with the Coordinated Entry System.

This training will be offered once per quarter as a resource to assist training new staff in talking points, myths and questions.

RSVP: Hennepin Coordinated Entry System 101

Questions?: Contact CES.Hennepin@Hennepin.us 

If It was Reported to You, You got a Job to Do.

Update the Coordinated Entry assessment if you learn something new.

document imaging square

As we all know, the Coordinated Entry Assessment is critical to the entire Coordinated Entry process. The assessment is completed by an assessor, used in prioritization, and verified by housing providers. It touches all points of the coordinated entry process. It really is the one document that ties the entire process together. Because of this, it is really important that it is accurate as possible, which is why we are encouraging all services providers to update the Coordinated Entry assessment if you learn something new (See page 3 in the workflow instructions).

For example, if you are a Permanent Supportive Housing (PSH) provider and you discover that an individual is ineligible because they earn more income then they reported when they were assessed, update that information in their assessment. This way, when that individual is returned to the priority list, they won't be denied from another PSH program for the same reason. The same could be said for preferences around sobriety, student status, or many other eligibility criteria.  

The only caveat to this, is the VI-SPDAT. VI-SPDAT's should not be changed unless a new assessment is completed.


Join the Family Coordinated Entry Leadership committee 

Members set policy, review trends, and work to improve the coordinated entry system.

The Family Coordinated Entry Leadership Committee is looking for individuals that represent one of these roles: Housing Provider, Family Navigation/Diversion, Suburban, Lived experience of homeless, Native American service/housing provider.


Applications to apply can be found here ---> Coordinated Entry Member Application


Send completed applications to CES inbox at: CES.Hennepin@hennepin.us

Coordinated Entry Leadership Recap

Meeting Minutes

Singles and Youth Leadership Committee 04/15/19)

Families Leadership Committee (04/02/2019)

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