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February 2019

This month, in the Scoop

  • CES 101 Training
  • Is my client active?
  • Keeping clients active
  • Convene contracted to train
  • Referral Tracking Table
  • CES Prioritization Tool newsletter sign up
  • Join a CES Leadership Committee 
  • Leadership Meeting Minutes

Coordinated Entry 101 Training

A basic overview of the Coordinated Entry System (CES)

When: March 6th, 2019; 1:00 pm - 2:30 pm

Where: Brookdale Library, Room ABC

What: CES 101 is designed to offer an overview of Hennepin County's Coordinated Entry System. This training will focus on the basics of what Coordinated Entry is, is not, access points, who it is intended to serve and what resources are available specifically in the Hennepin County system.

The intended audience for this training are new staff members, advocates or community agencies not familiar with the Coordinated Entry System.

This training will be offered once per quarter as a resource to assist training new staff in talking points, myths and questions.

RSVP: Hennepin Coordinated Entry System 101

Questions?: Contact CES.Hennepin@Hennepin.us 

New report answers question: Is my client active in Coordinated Entry?

If you are a Coordinated Entry Assessor, you know that submitting a coordinated entry assessment can bring about a bit of uncertainty. A new report helps to ease some of those concerns. The Coordinated Entry Assessor Agency Check report allows agencies or assessors to check whether clients who they assessed have an open entry to the priority list and to identify information that needs to be updated. Updating information is vital so that clients can be matched appropriate housing.

Information about how to run the report can be found here: Coordinated Entry Assessor Agency Check Report Instructions. Questions about the report can be sent to mnhmis@icalliances.org. 

Keep individuals experiencing unsheltered homlessness active in Coordinated Entry

If you assessed an individual for coordinated entry that is experiencing unsheltered homelessness or is fleeing a domestic violence situation, it is important to document that there is still a need for housing while on the CES priority list. Here are the steps to complete this transaction in HMIS:  CES Service Transaction for Unsheltered and DV. Advise the individual to check in with you/the assessor at least every 90 days to check in on their homeless status and their need for housing through CES. If the person is still eligible to be on Hennepin CES priority list and is in need of housing still, create a service transaction in HMIS. Please do not create service transactions arbitrarily to keep them on the priority list.    

If you are aware of a person no longer in need of housing through Hennepin CES, please remove the individual from the priority list. As a reminder, Hennepin has a 90 Day Inactive Policy (for those assessed in HMIS, no activity in HMIS for over 90 days results in removal from priority list).

New learning and training options available soon!


Exciting News! -- Hennepin County CES has contracted with Convene to help provide training and technical assistance to participants in the Hennepin  Coordinated Entry System.

Convene is a skill and resilience building organization that specializes in human service agencies, nonprofits and public service professionals (counties, cities, etc). 

This partnership will allow for additional capacity to hold both group and individual training as well as targeted technical assistance. Convene will be reaching out to some housing providers very soon to start this work. Please welcome Convene to our world of Coordinated Entry!

Reminder for Housing Providers: Fill out Housing Referral Tracking Table

Filling out the CES Housing Referral Tracking table is a critical part of the process for denying and accepting a referral.

HCC Referral Tracking Table


  • This table is a communication tool for all of us in the coordinated entry system.
  • Housing Providers must fill out the blue section of the Referral Tracking Table when declining or cancelling a referral
  • Use the Referral Tracker for every referral
  • Case manager can be updated if there is a change
  • If there is no end date, that means the referral is still active.
  • Check out hmismn.org/coordinated-entry for awesome helpful videos and the written workflow instructions.

Be Up to Date on Potential Changes to the Coordinated Entry Prioritization Assistance Tool in Minnesota

Sign up for the monthly eNews from the Coordinated Entry Prioritization Assessment Tool Workgroup. Click here

The MN Coordinated Entry Prioritization Assessment Tool Work Group members consist of people designated to represent Continuums of Care, State Homeless Programs, the Minnesota Tribal Collaborative, Coordinated Entry Priority List Managers, and the HMIS System Administrator.     

There is still opportunity to join a Coordinated Entry Leadership committee 

Members set policy, review trends, and work to improve the coordinated entry system.

The Family Coordinated Entry Leadership Committee is looking for individuals that represent one of these roles: Healthcare, Child Protection/Welfare, Youth, Family Navigation/Diversion, Suburban, Direct Service Rapid Re-housing Worker, Lived experience of homeless, Native American service/housing provider.

The Singles and Youth Coordinated Entry Leadership Committee currently has an opening as well. They are looking for individuals that could represent a domestic violence provider.


Applications to apply can be found here ---> Coordinated Entry Member Application


Send completed applications to CES inbox at: CES.Hennepin@hennepin.us

Coordinated Entry Leadership Recap

Meeting Minutes

Singles and Youth Leadership Committee (Meeting cancelled)

Families Leadership Committee (2/05/2019)

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