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Hannah Marschinke

Scam alert

The Hennepin County Public Health Department wants to report recent scams perpetrated on food establishments in Hennepin County.

Several restaurant owners have received phone calls reportedly from the County Health Department. The caller states that there are illness complaints against the restaurant, and the caller demands a small credit card payment to cover the cost of the special inspection that supposedly will be forthcoming. If the owner does provide their credit card number, the caller may then tell the owner the credit card data provided didn’t work and demand a second credit card number. This is an illegal ploy to gain access to your financial accounts.

Please remember, Hennepin County health inspectors will never telephone you asking for payment over the phone. You will always receive an invoice from Hennepin County, which is used to collect any fees. Hennepin County health inspectors do not accept credit card payments - no matter the situation.

If you receive such a call, or have fallen victim to this scam, please notify the state Attorney General’s office at 651-296-3353 and your city police department.

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