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Marion Greene
Commissioner, 3rd District

Elie Farhat 
Principal Aide

Nancy Asan
Administrative Assistant


The 3rd District serves the city of St. Louis Park, and parts of west and downtown Minneapolis.

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The County Board just finalized our 2017 budget, and the holiday season is here. This edition of the newsletter provides a quick overview of the new budget. Additionally, we thank Cmsr. Randy Johnson for his almost 40 years of service to the residents of Hennepin County. Randy is retiring in January.

Wishing you a wonderful holiday season, and a sense of renewal as we dive into the next year.

My very best,

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Board approves 2017 budget

The Hennepin County Board voted to approve the county’s 2017 budget of $1.9 billion, $14 million less than the 2016 adjusted budget. The budget includes a net property tax levy of $759.4 million, an increase of 4.49 percent over the 2016 final net property tax levy. 

The 2017 budget supports some of the county’s most vulnerable residents, by strengthening early interventions and promoting self-sufficiency. 
Priorities include:  

  • Child well-being, working to identify at-risk families earlier and providing practical supports to address the root causes of abuse and neglect
  • Hennepin Health, providing a holistic approach to health care for some of the county’s most vulnerable residents, including not only preventive physical and behavioral health care, but connections to social services to help them access shelter and employment
  • Hennepin Housing Fund, funding development and preservation of affordable housing for very low-income adults and families
  • Hennepin County Career Connections, providing training and public/private-sector career paths for people who face barriers to employment 
  • Transit and transportation, supporting the long-term value of neighborhoods and communities through strategic public investments in infrastructure that improve mobility and safety and connects people to jobs
  • Adult Detention Initiative, providing alternatives to jail for low-risk offenders who do not need to be detained, but who may benefit from behavioral health services, or who could be supervised using a variety of detention and processing strategies  

Other allocations

  • The board also approved the Hennepin County Housing and Redevelopment Authority budget of $14.2 million. The budget includes a net property tax levy of $8.5 million.
  • The board also approved the Hennepin County Regional Railroad Authority budget of $100.6 million. The budget includes a net property tax levy of $33 million.
  • The board awarded the 2017 Hennepin Youth Sports Grants totaling $1.8 million for 14 sports facility projects in Hennepin County and an additional $125,000 in for 21 small equipment projects.

The program is funded by the Twins Stadium Ballpark tax. Grants of particular Interest to District 3 include:

  • A grant to the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board (MPRB) to expand snowmaking infrastructure at Theodore Wirth Regional Park
  • A grant to the City of St. Louis Park in support of a regional skate park at Carpenter Park
  • A grant to the City of St. Louis Park for softball equipment to be used various fields
  • A grant to the MPRB for soccer goals, and for 100 pairs of ice skates for use at various rinks

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Board thanks Randy Johnson for nearly four decades of service

The board commended Randy Johnson for his 38-year career as county commissioner serving the residents of southern Hennepin County suburbs – a career that will soon be coming to an end with his retirement.

Cmsr. Johnson, who was elected to the board in 1978, also served nine years as county board chair. Throughout his career, he has worked across party lines on behalf of all the residents in Hennepin County and District 5, initiating, collaborating and overseeing county staff, nonprofit and business leaders, regional policymakers and dealmakers to improve residents’ health and education, safety and self-sufficiency.

As the board paused to honor Cmsr. Johnson, I thanked him for his generous leadership style. We worked closely together to ban e-cigs in county buildings, harkening to his work (well ahead of its time) to ban smoking in county buildings.

See the full commendation and read more about Johnson's accomplishments during his tenure as county commissioner.