Hennepin County, Minnesota: Updated and new instructions and forms



We have recently updated several of our instructions and form documents on our web page and have created a new document to be used in registration proceedings.  The new and updated instructions and form documents that are now available to view and download are:  

  • Instructions for initial registration proceedings
  • Petition and order for summons
  • Affidavit in support of summons
  • Land title summons
  • Order and decree of registration
  • Instructions for proceedings subsequent
  • Complaint for five week case
  • Order for five week case
  • Proceedings to reduce redemption period to five weeks after foreclosure of mortgage

The new form document to be used in registration proceedings is the "Affidavit in support of summons."  This Affidavit is to be submitted along with the Petition and order for summons and Land title summons, and was created to provide evidence as to the identity of heirs, occupants, and other defendants earlier in the registration proceeding to help ensure the proper defendants have been named in the Summons.

Stay tuned for a major update of our web page coming soon that will include even more new information including tips on avoiding common errors when submitting documents for approval.