Hennepin County, Minnesota: New Contested Case Procedures


The Hennepin County Examiner of Titles Office is pleased to announce that we, in conjunction with the District Court, have adopted new procedures to help contested torrens cases move more quickly and efficiently.  Among the highlights:  the Examiner's office will now request a judge assignment as soon as an answer is filed and the time for all parties to answer has elapsed instead of waiting for a party to request assignment; the requirement to bring a motion to have the Examiner's Report to the Court, including Findings of Fact, Conclusions of Law, and Recommended Order adopted by the judge is eliminated.  The Court will decide whether to adopt the Examiner’s recommendations based on a review of the court file without the need for motion practice.  

These streamlined procedures should save parties to the litigation valuable time and money.  In conjunction with our new procedures, we have updated our contested case instructions document, which you can find on our website (www.hennepin.us by searching "Examiner of Titles") under Instructions for other matters/Contested torrens cases.  As always, feel free to send us an email to ex.titles@hennepin.us with any suggestions on how we can serve you better.