Friday Flash November 9, 2017

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Friday Flash   

Volume 23 Issue 8

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Message from the Principal....


Dear Parents,

 My daughter Deena will turn 21 this month.  The time has sure flown by.   I remember her birth like it was yesterday, her being excited for the first day of school, a field trip we went on together, and watching her do homework at the kitchen table.  She is now a senior at UW-Madison and will graduate this spring.  She turned out better than I could ever have hoped for, but the truth is, if I could do it all over, I would be a better parent:  I wouldn’t get upset, I would try harder to make it to every event, I would have correctly remembered that boy’s name J, I would take more time to listen and I would appreciate and cherish every age and stage even more. 

 Maybe that’s why Grandparents’ Day at Centerville Elementary is such a success.  It’s like a second chance at parenting.  This year, Grandparents’ Day for grades 1,3 and 5 is on Tuesday, November 21st.  The Scholastic Book Fair overlaps with Grandparents day and runs from Nov. 15th to Nov. 21st in the media center.

Have a great weekend and give your child a hug today,


Wayne Whitwam

Centerville Elementary Principal


Limo Ride to the Dairy Queen

On Friday, November 17th, all students that qualified for the Limo ride will be taking the limo to the Dairy Queen.  We have some very excited children!  Please be aware that all limo riders also qualified for a t-shirt.  They are hoping that the t-shirts will be in by Thursday.  If they do come in, we will pass them out on Friday morning and they will all be able to wear their shirt to the DQ.  Those that qualified for just the t-shirt, will also receive them on Friday.  If there is anyone who did not receive a t-shirt form or limo ride permission slip that believes they should have, please call immediately. The CPTA would again like to thank everyone for their generous donations.  Make sure you come to the CPTA Meeting on the 14th to see where your donations will be spent.


Saddle up and get ready for our 2017 Fall Book Fair
November 15 – November 21

 11/15 – 9am-6pm

11/16 – 10am-5pm

11/17 – 10am-5pm

11/20 – 10am-5pm

11/21 – 9am-6pm

 We are always looking for more volunteers to help with the book fair.

 Below is a link if you would like to sign up to help.



Art Adventure Volunteers Needed

 The Art Adventure program at Centerville Elementary is currently seeking volunteers.  We need “Picture People” to help present works of art to CVE students. The Minneapolis Institute of Art (MIA) offers parent volunteers training and materials on specific works of art, this is usually one morning or evening in November. During the month of January 2018, parents then present the art to CVE students in their classrooms.   We will work around your schedule the best we can, and try to pair parents with their own kids’ classrooms – in most cases this means 1 to 1.5 hours, once a week for the month of January. 

 This valuable program—now in its 21st year here at CVE—needs parent volunteers for another successful year.  This year’s theme is How People Lived and will certainly spark lots of insights and discussion from the children.  The kids LOVE this program, they look forward to it every year and there is no sweeter sound than the “ooohs” and “aaaahs” when we show them the art we brought in that day.  If you want to see Art Adventure in action please check out this website:

 Please consider being a part of the Art Adventure program here at CVE.  If you are interested or would like more information, contact Gretchen Tieu at or 651-283-6673.

Community Education

In the busyness of preparing for the holiday season, enroll your children in some quiet, creative time, learning new art techniques.  There are still spots remaining in the upcoming art offerings:    

Arctic Friends (gr. 2-3)

Receive an introduction to the concepts of value and shadows.  Using the techniques taught create an arctic animal of your choice.  Class held Sat., Nov. 18.

 Let it Snow Winter Landscape (gr. K-1)

Kids in this age group will get an introduction to the elements of art, focusing on foreground, color and line.  Create an original winter landscape using a variety of materials.  Class held Sat., Dec. 2.

 Northern Lights Winter Landscape (gr. 4-5)

Look at the Aurora Borealis and create your own image of that light show in the sky using similar color while implementing a variety of artistic techniques.  Class held Sat., Dec. 2.

Digital Backpack corner image

Welcome to the Digital Backpack, the district’s central posting place for community flyers.  If you have questions regarding these programs, please contact the organizations directly. 

What’s happening:

Skate with the Cougars

Hockey Day MN 2018

  Click HERE to browse the Digital Backpack.