Nongame EagleCam 2022 Season has Begun

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February 07, 2022

nest protectorsgetting ready

February 7, 2022

Our 2022 EagleCam Season has officially begun!

Our eagle pair is the same two individuals as last year and they are preparing for raising another brood.  It appears the pair has bonded more closely now, as this is their second season as a couple.  "Harry" as our friends group have named him, came in to the territory last year and took over from "Syd" as the dominant male on the nest.  The new male was a new breeder last year, as he was determined to be only five years old, which is full breeding age for bald eagles.  His head feathers, beak and eye color all suggested final development into breeding age.

"Nancy" - also named by our friends group, laid two eggs last year and she and her mate successfully raised two chicks, despite the young male's inexperience. As he learned the ropes, he turned out to be a successful partner in raising the young that fledged last summer.  The chicks were one male and one female and were banded on May 4, 2021. 

Breeding on the nest has been witnessed several times already, and the bole preparation for eggs is well underway.  Bringing in soft grasses is one of the final stages of "nestorations" before eggs are laid.  In addition to mating, the female has begun sitting in the bole, the male is bringing her food, and they both are fiercely defending their territory from intruders, including owls, raccoons, and other eagles.

We have exciting educational additions coming to the EagleCam page this year, and as they are added, we will announce each one. Stay tuned and watch all of the action live and get ready to see eggs being laid very soon! 

We want to thank you for your continued support of the Nongame Wildlife Program. We rely on your contributions and we just couldn't do our important work without your support.  YOU make our program and we thank you!



Female sitting in bole

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