Volunteer Instructor Newsletter - Spring 2021

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Volunteer Safety Instructor Newsletter

Spring 2021

Safety class law presentation PowerPoint

The Education/Safety Training Section has developed a basic PowerPoint for volunteer instructors to use - under specific circumstances - if Conservation Officers are unable to attend classes and deliver the law talk. Each PowerPoint is designed specifically for the ATV, firearms or snowmobile safety class, and is meant to relay the basic information officers typically present in person.  Conservation Officers will communicate as early as possible with volunteer instructors anytime they are unable to attend a class. Officers will then request the PowerPoint be sent to the volunteer instructor to be used in lieu of officer attendance for that specific class.

These PowerPoints are to be used only when a Conservation Officer cannot attend classes, and not in lieu of having an officer attend.

2020 Firearms safety instructor of the year nominations

The DNR safety training and education section will now be accepting nominations for the 2020 Firearms Safety Instructor of the year. The nomination period is open now through midnight, March 15, 2021.  

Any DNR certified volunteer Firearms safety instructor is eligible to be nominated. Please consider nominating a volunteer instructor who has significantly promoted Firearms safety through extraordinary service in a training and education setting. 

When writing up a nomination, focus on the following key points:

  • The nominee should be someone you know that does a great job at teaching safety to youth and also takes the time to mentor other safety instructors. 
  • The nominee has been actively involved with youth safety training.
  • Are there any extra duties this Instructor has taken on, beyond what is expected? i.e.; involvement in other community activities, volunteer roles, etc.
  • Anything else that makes this instructor stand out!

The process for submitting nominations will be offered through the online portal link below. This new online process can be completed by answering the four questions related to the Nominee’s involvement with Firearms safety training. Once the online form is completed, the user will click on the “submit” button to automatically send the form to the Enforcement Education email. From there the nominations will be distributed to a nominations panel for scoring and final selection.   

To compete the online Nomination Form, click on the following link:  


Thank  you!

Family of Steven Stoks presented award

steven stoks

L-R: Chris Stoks, Linda Stoks, and David Stoks

The family of Steven Stoks of Hoyt Lakes was presented with a 40-year firearms safety award last month.  Stoks, the former Chief of Police for the City of Hoyt Lakes, passed away before the award could be presented.

Outdoor Edge Pro Form for 2021

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Third Hand Archery - Tree Stand Gun Hoist and other training aids available for purchase.

Education materials can be purchased at Federal Premium Education Materials.

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