August Issue of Forest Insect & Disease Newsletter

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minnesota department of natural resources

Forest Insect & Disease Newsletter

August, 2019

bur oak dying from stree

Older bur oaks dying in forests from multiple stressors

There may be an upward trend of older bur oaks dying in Minnesota. Read more

bur oak with BOB

Bur oak blight starting to show

Bur oak blight will have a heyday in 2019. Read more

oak tree with two lined chestnut borer

Do your trees have oak wilt?

How to tell the difference between the nonnative oak wilt and the native twolined chestnut borer. Read more

Jack pine stem with budworm

Jack pine budworm populations at rock bottom in north-central Minnesota

You probably don't need to worry about jack pine budworm in 2019. Read more

Bumps, bladders, and growths: galls on leaves and branches

Want to know more about the galls growing on your trees? Read more

maple leaf with gall mites

papter birch leaf with leaf miner damage

Leaf mining in birch trees

Leaf mining business is booming. Read more

spruve budworm showing signs of damage

Spruce budworm damage continues

Steady as the spruce budworm goes Read more

chocolate tube slime

Name that creature!

What is that? Read more