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I Can Paddle! Canoe program on St. Croix River

The Traveler

JULY 2019

Have a happy 4th filled with outdoors adventures!

St Croix Canoe Camping


St. Croix River State Water Trail

The St. Croix River flows 164 miles from Upper St. Croix Lake to its confluence with the Mississippi River, creating a boundary between Minnesota and Wisconsin. Federally-designated as a Wild and Scenic River, it provides water ideal for water recreation. Outfitters, maps, and other resources are listed on our website

New this year is an overnight canoe camping class offered through the I Can Paddle! program. Participants will learn all of the necessary canoeing and camping skills as they paddle and camp along the St. Croix River.


Family paddling on St. Croix River

Polston Family

Who: Maggie, Chris, Matilda, Verónica

Hometown: Hopkins, MN

Favorite Outdoors Activity: Paddling (+biking, climbing)

Claim to FameFind the Polston girls on MN State Parks and Trails brochures and ads!  

Fuel for the Trail: Hot cocoa in the winter, salty nuts and fruit in the summer.


Heat Safety: Dress for the Weather

Protect yourself from the heat while playing outside:

  • Wear lightweight, loose-fitting, light-colored clothing to reflect heat and sunlight.
  • Hats are also useful to protect your face and scalp from harmful UV rays if you will be spending time directly in the sunshine.
  • Apply sunscreen liberally! Learn more.


Stay On The Map With GeoPDFs

GeoPDF App shown at Itasca

Navigate rivers, parks, forests, and trails using DNR Geospatial PDFs ("GeoPDFs") on your mobile device, and see exactly where you are at all times. No internet connection or cell service needed!*

Get started.

*After initial downloads.


Conservation Volunteer cover child with wild berries

The Real River

Off the main channel and often out of mind, the Mississippi River backwaters are the place for in-the-know paddlers. Part river and part lake, these southeastern Minnesota backwaters are well known to anglers, waterfowlers, birdwatchers, trappers, and solitude seekers in the region but less so to many others unfamiliar with their rugged charms. Full story.

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Events This Month

From glacial pothole tours and geology hikes to turtle discovery and movies in the park, we have a program for everyone at our parks and trails. Find a fun activity near you!

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