EagleCam Update

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minnesota department of natural resources

New eagle pair fails to produce eggs

eagle pair

New Territory Established

Eagles often displace other eagles and territories are highly sought-after. Territorial disputes cause altercations between adults, juveniles and pairs and can result in injuries and displacement of a resident pair.  These disputes have been happening at our EagleCam location for the past few seasons and they signal a healthy population of eagles in the area.

In March this year, the resident pair was displaced from the camera nest.  It is very likely that "Mom" - the female with the band, was ready to lay eggs and had reached her tolerance capacity in defending the nest.  Shortly after we last witnessed her on cam, we were informed that the pair was spotted nearby in an abandoned nest and appeared to be incubating eggs.  We were not able to verify this, because the nest is located on private property that we do not have access to. However, it is encouraging to have knowledge of possible success once again for this pair.

The "New" Pair

Very shortly after the departure of the established pair, a new, presumably mated pair moved in and made themselves at home.  They seem like a very bonded pair - spending a lot of time together bringing in new sticks and arranging them.  While we didn't witness mating on the nest, it very much appeared like they would lay eggs.  After arranging large sticks, they began bringing in softer grasses, which usually signals eggs are imminent.  And we waited.  And waited.  Finally, it is safe to assume this pair will not produce eggs this year. 

The new eagle adults have been spotted on cam still visiting the nest from time to time, but not with any consistency or frequency.  This behavior will likely continue throughout the rest of the summer and fall as they protect what may now become their territory.  The original pair could try to reclaim the nest this fall or winter, but wildlife is fickle and unpredictable and that's what keeps us watching!