Volunteer Instructor Newsletter - Summer 2019

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Volunteer Instructor Newsletter

Summer 2019

New student firearms safety hunter education manual now completed

Firearms Safety Manual

The 2019 Hunter Education & Firearms Safety Student Manual is at the printer!  Thank you again for your input as a volunteer instructor. We heard from several of you and used that to guide the final product.

We anticipate the new manuals to become available for classroom courses by the week of June 10th

Please keep in mind that there may be some photos, graphics or diagrams that may be replaced in future versions of the manual.  Feel free to contact your local RTO with questions or comments.

  • Some points to consider regarding the 2019 Hunter Education and Firearms Safety Student Manual for the classroom course:
    • Chapters are in the same order as the previous manual
    • Manual content is more succinct, contains improved images, diagrams and visuals
    • Worksheets/activities remain throughout the manual for teaching aids and/or for students to complete
  • Both students and instructors will use the same document; however, the ‘instructor’s version’ will be spiral-bound.
  • Lesson Plan Document - Lesson Plans for each chapter provide main teaching points, group discussion opportunities, and instructor resources and talking points. The Lesson Plan is a separate document.
  • PowerPoint – has been updated and revised to correspond with the new manual. FAS PowerPoint also includes various short videos depicting important safety information as well as topics for group discussion. The PowerPoint is designed as an instructor resource and to help with teaching points. It is not designed as a replacement for the manual.
  • The Last Shot” DVD will continue being shown to students for both the classroom and online students. Go to www.alanmadison.com to order DVDs.
  • The 50-Question Test (Test Version May 2016) is still the current version and will not be revised at this time.
  • Please recycle any old student and instructor manuals you have.

60-year firearms safety instructor award

Art Daniels

L to R: CO Tony Musatov, Mike Grupa, Arthur Daniels and CO Frank Rezac.

Hinkemeyer, Anna (2019, March 23). Promoting firearm safety. Sauk Rapids Herald, pp. 1, 3.

For Art Daniels, helping his community is all about who he is.  A former law enforcement officer, he was recently recognized by the Department of Natural Resources for 60 years as a firearms safety instructor.  He teaches with the Sauk Rapids firearms safety group. 

"Art is our go-to guy, and he's the one that got me started on everything - as a firearms safety instructor, in my involvement in the Sauk Rapids City Council, and now on the Benton County Board of Commissioners" said Steve Heinen, who teaches with Art.

Daniels began teaching firearms safety in April 1959 and joined the Sauk Rapids group when he moved into the community.  "When I became an instructor, I was motivated by the number of deaths during hunting season," Daniels said.  "Back then, there were as many as 20 to 25 deaths during one season in the woods, and I would have to respond to some of those as an officer.  I wanted to change that tide.  Now, we feel bad if there are one or two deaths."

When he began teaching, there would be as many as 40 students in the class, with longer class time.  Today, the program requires 12 hours of classroom training, with students learning how to properly handle, load and unload firearms, and learning how to shoot on a range.  "Gun safety is work," Daniels said.  "But it is so important.  It helps improve the safety of so many people."

Daniels' family of three children have all taken firearms safety, as well as five of his six grandchildren.  "They know I am a strong advocate of gun safety, and they recognized that when they took the course," Daniels said.  With 60 years invested as an instructor, Daniels and his fellow instructors are like family.  "All of us instructors have been together since day one when this group was formed 48 to 49 years ago," Heinen said.  Everyone specialized in something different, so it gives the students a well-rounded learning experience." 

"No doubt Art has saved many lives through his years of instruction," said Frank Rezac, MN DNR Conservation Officer.  "His passion for gun safety has made a difference in the lives of many who know him.  It is an honor to recognize him with 60 years of service."

RTO for southeast metro

Phil George has accepted the Regional Training Officer position for Southeast Metro.  He began his RTO duties on Monday, April 8.

Phil can be contacted at philip.george@state.mn.us.

DNR volunteer safety instructors receive awards

gordon greenwaldt

30-Year Snowmobile Safety Instructor Gordon Greenwaldt with RTO Phil George.


Regional Training Officer Phil George (L) presents a 40-year award to DNR Volunteer Firearms Safety Instructor Quin Feuerstein (R).


Volunteer Snowmobile Instructors Jim Miesbauer (L) and Dan Berge (R) are presented with their 30-year award by RTO Phil George.

Moving towards using quiet ammo

The Safety Training section will soon begin supplying .22 low velocity/quiet ammunition for all firearms safety field days.  The main benefit, of course, is that it is not as loud as standard or high velocity .22 ammo.  Also, since our earplugs are "one size fits all", the quiet ammo will help reduce potential hearing damage for those students that have difficulty keeping their earplugs properly positioned.

*Note: In a semi-automatic .22 rifle, the low velocity/quiet ammo will not allow it to cycle, so it will effectively function as a single shot. The single shot method is preferred as a teaching tool for students, allowing them more repetition of the firing sequence.

We will use up our current stock of ammo this year and plan to transition to the quiet ammo later this fall/winter.

IHEA-USA Journal to be discontinued

The IHEA-USA Journal you are familiar with receiving with your box of firearms safety supplies will no longer be available to use as a handout.  The company that produces this magazine has made a decision to discontinue publishing it.

We will continue to ship out the remainder of our inventory for this year.

Guidefitter discount offers for educators

For the longest time, Guidefitter has offered gear discounts strictly for outdoor guides and outfitters. Recently, in order to show appreciation for your efforts and influence in the field, Guidefitter and their brand partners have opened up their gear discount program to all Outdoor Educators. There are all kinds of products available - apparel, boots, archery gear, optics, backpacks, cameras, watches, ammo, etc.  Anything, you name it!

There are no hidden fees with Guidefitter - you simply join with an email, password, and a document verifying your status as an outdoor educator.

Here is a link to join: https://www.guidefitter.com/gear-discounts-for-outdoor-educators.

For more information on the program, click here.

If you would like to speak with someone at Guidefitter, call Jackson Reed at (208) 860-8942.

P.D.R. disabled youth deer hunt

Disabled Hunt

The P.D.R. Disabled Youth Deer Hunt is an authentic South Dakota hunting experience and free guided hunt for physically-challenged and wheelchair-enabled adolescents ages 12 to 18.

Dean Rasmussen and his neighbors near Clark, South Dakota, will provide access to prime deer hunting land for up to 10 youth who have physical limitations including the wheelchair-enabled.

For more information, to participate or contribute, contact Dean Rasmussen at 605-233-0331 or visit www.pdryouthhunt.com.

Special instructor deals thru Outdoor Edge

Outdoor Edge Cutlery Corporation offers hunter education instructors discounted items.  Click here for the catalog:  https://www.outdooredge.com/.

If you would like the Pro-Form order form sent to you, send an email to enforcement.education@state.mn.us and we will send one to you.

Upcoming instructor training events


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Redwood County

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Olmsted County

DNR Hunter Education Firearms Safety Instructor Certification





Henry Repeating Arms Company  .22 rifles, both Lever and Bolt action - 


718/499-5600 or visit their website at:  Henry Repeating Rifles


Hunter Safety Systems - Fall Arrest Harness   Toll Free 877-296-3528 or go to:         Savage Arms   .22 bolt action youth models - single shot


Third Hand Archery - Tree Stand Gun Hoist and other training aids available for purchase.


Education materials can be purchased at Federal Premium Education Materials.


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