MPCA – Quarterly PolyMet Update – 4th Quarter 2018

MPCA Permits and 401 Certification Issued

About This Quarterly Update

To provide regular updates on the State’s review of PolyMet’s applications for the NorthMet project, the DNR and MPCA have each been issuing quarterly messages to those who have signed up to the GovDelivery list. With MPCA having completed decisions on all pending permit and certification applications for the NorthMet project, this is the final quarterly update issued by the MPCA.

On December 20, 2018, the MPCA made final regulatory decisions to issue the PolyMet Part 70 air emission permit, NPDES/SDS water quality permit, and 401 water quality certification. The decisions were reached after comprehensive regulatory and technical analysis, extensive public participation, and review by other state/federal agencies and independent third-party experts. This completed the MPCA’s consideration of the major permits that the project needs from the MPCA in order to proceed. However, the NorthMet project still requires construction stormwater permit coverage from MPCA, a wetlands permit from the Army Corps of Engineers, and other local permits and approvals.

The State PolyMet Permitting Portal will remain available for those who wish to access any of the DNR or MPCA information linked to the site. The agencies may use the site in the future to convey information on major project developments as needed.

More Information

Previous GovDelivery messages, as well as additional documents, reports, and applications received to date are available on the State’s PolyMet Portal. Previous GovDelivery messages are under “News” on the main portal. Click on the MPCA link to access other MPCA-related documents.

Note: This list is administered by the DNR but is used jointly by the DNR and MPCA.