DNR – State Receives Revised Permit to Mine Application from PolyMet

minnesota department of natural resources

PolyMet Permitting Update

December 13, 2017

State Receives Revised Permit to Mine Application from PolyMet 

DNR has received a revised permit to mine application from PolyMet for its proposed NorthMet project. This revised application includes changes made by PolyMet based on initial feedback provided by DNR technical experts and the agency’s external consultant Emmons Olivier Resources, Inc. (EOR). 

The revised application includes PolyMet’s modified proposals for financial assurance and an updated wetland replacement plan. After DNR completes its review of this revised application and associated documents, DNR will assess whether the application, with draft agency conditions, meets all applicable state laws.  

If DNR makes a preliminary determination that the application and draft conditions do meet state standards, then DNR will place the draft documents on public notice for review and comment.  DNR will publish additional detail about the public comment process at a later date, including public meeting information.

PolyMet’s revised permit to mine application will be available later today at: www.mn.gov/polymet (from the portal main page, click on the DNR link).