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DNR Nongame Peregrine Cam is now live

The peregrine falcon cam in downtown St. Paul at Sentinel Properties is now live-streaming on our website. The pair of birds already have already laid four eggs!  The first two eggs were laid over the weekend of April 8-9, the third was laid on the 11th, and the fourth was laid on the 14th. Peregrine's eggs are about the size of a small chicken egg and are a rusty/reddish-brown color. 

Tune in to watch the pair who have been identified as "Tom", a 2015 fledge from the MSP airport; and the female is "Arcadia" a 2013 fledge from the St. Cloud correctional facility.  Arcadia is the same female that nested at this box last year. 

Both parents will incubate the eggs for about 33 days. While one parent is incubating, the other is usually hunting.   While hunting, the peregrine falcon "stoops" into a dive at its prey, grabbing it right out of the air. They are the fastest animal on the planet and have been clocked at over 230 miles an hour!  They eat mostly birds of a huge variety of species. 

A new camera at a new viewpoint was installed in 2015.  It is clearer and closer than ever before and soon it will be fun to watch them feeding their hungry little fuzz-balls! 

The camera is funded by donations to The Nongame Wildlife Fund on Minnesota state tax forms.  You may also make a donation on-line, anytime of year on our donation page.  Thank you to our donors, our MNiT team and to Sentinel Property Management for making this amazing view into the private lives of these fascinating birds possible!


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