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Happy Give to the Max Day! 

Here at Eagle-Cam Central, we are so very excited to make the eagle cam live for the 2017 eagle nesting season.  THE EAGLE CAM IS OFFICIALLY LIVE NOW!!! (links below)

Last year, we decided that Give to the Max Day (GTTM) was a great day to turn the cam on. We are not able to participate in the official 'Give to the Max' Program because we are essentially a non-profit organization within a government entity.  By law, we are not permitted to receive 501c.3 status. Raising awareness about our program, what we do, and our financial need is our mission - the eagle cam is one great way to let people know about our goal. We need people who care about eagles, loons and all other wildlife, to reach into their pockets and give what you can.  You can personally make a difference!

If every Minnesota tax payer donated just $1, we would be so much better off.  But, sadly, less than 3% of Minnesotans who file taxes donate to our program. Those who donate are generous, yet the donations have decreased steadily over the decades and we are in serious financial trouble.  We are grateful for donations of each and every amount because they are all MATCHED EVERY TIME!  The entire Nongame donation account is matched 1:1 every year by the RIM (Reinvest in Minnesota) License plate fund. We are very grateful for this.  Without it, we could not continue our work. 

In the nest last year:  We weren't sure if we would see much activity, if any, last year when we turned the camera on.  GTTM Day is very early in eagle nesting season, but these two eagles did not disappoint!  Both parents are very dedicated to this territory and were making "nestorations" all year long.  They were busy moving sticks around, rearranging grasses and leaves and reconnecting with their mate.  As you can imagine, the nest appears very different at the beginning of the nesting season from what it looks like after a 1/2 year of raising chicks in it. 

Today, the nest is active, though not all the time with both parents rearranging and preparing for another year of fuzz and fish in the nest!  Please consider a donation to our program:  I want to help  So, what are you waiting for?  Go watch the nest!!:  click here:  baeanest

 Enjoy, and THANK YOU!

~ team eagle