November/December 2016 DNR Volunteer Instructor Newsletter

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DNR Volunteer instructors:

As 2016 draws to a close, I would like to thank you all for the dedication and support of the DNR Education/Safety Training programs. Due to the hard work and diligence of nearly 6000 volunteers, there will be approximately 36,000 youth and adults that will have gained greater knowledge and experience in safe outdoor recreation. When you consider the large number of students trained, it really emphasizes the fact that DNR could not accomplish this endeavor without you!

Some 2016 highlights:

• Our first 60 year volunteer award was presented to Robert Gross. Thank you Robert for your dedication to teaching firearm safety for over six decades!

• Tom Steele was presented with the 2015 Firearms Instructor of the year.

• Larry Perkins was our 2015 Snowmobile Instructor of the year.

• Tim and Scarlett Feiler were named 2015 ATV Instructors of the year.

Upcoming in 2017:

We are planning to once again conduct instructor forums. These forums are a great opportunity for us to provide updates and meet with you to listen to your suggestions and feedback on the safety/education programs. It’s also a great opportunity to network with fellow instructors. Please see the dates and locations at 2017 Instructor Forums.  I encourage you to attend one if possible.

Thanks again for a safe and successful 2016.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

CPT Jon Paurus
Enforcement Education Programs Coordinator

Nominations for 2016 ATV and Snowmobile Instructor of the Year Needed

As 2016 draws to an end, please take time to recognize those individual volunteer safety instructors who have gone above and beyond to make youth ATV and Snowmobile Safety programs a success in your local community.  Most of us know a few dedicated volunteer instructors who ‘go the extra mile’.  The Education-Safety Section is seeking nominations for the ATV and Snowmobile Safety Instructor of the year for 2016.   Please take a few minutes to nominate a deserving volunteer safety instructor.  The nomination forms are now available on DNR website.

You can find the forms on the DNR website at: Nomination Forms.

The deadline for nominations is Friday January 6, 2017.

Snowmobile Field Days for Youth

If you are holding a traditional snowmobile classroom course, you can easily allow students to attend your field day/riding performance course, if they have completed the online snowmobile course.

1) Student must turn in the snowmobile course Completion Voucher from the online course;
2) Parent fills out the Registration/Parental Release/Self-Certification form on their child;
3) Student completes quiz/review, plus the required field day/riding performance activities;
4) Include these students on your Student Roster when you submit it to Camp Ripley.


The International Hunter Education Association would like volunteer instructors to join their organization.  There are many member benefits available to you.  To read about the IHEA membership and to join, please go to the Instructor Page on the DNR website at: 


Experticity Instructor Deals

Responsive managementexperticity

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IHEA-USA instructors now have access to Experticity, an exclusive community where you can get VIP discounts and special information on products from the hunting brands you know and love.

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As an added bonus, Experticity will donate $5 to IHEA-USA for every instructor that becomes a new member.

Responsive Management has produced a new article detailing hunters' contributions to wildlife conservation in the United States. The article provides an in-depth look at the sources of funding from hunters and how these funds are spent, from wildlife management and species recovery to the work of federal and state fish and wildlife agencies and nonprofit organizations.

The article discusses various sources of funding, including the Federal Aid in Wildlife Restoration Act of 1937 (commonly known as the Pittman-Robertson Act); the Federal Duck Stamp (a required purchase for any duck hunter in the U.S.); licenses, tags, and permits purchased by hunters in each state; and membership dues and donations from nonprofit organizations like Ducks Unlimited and the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, which are largely supported by hunters.

The article then breaks down how the funding from hunters is spent, including Pittman-Robertson revenue apportionment, the many ways in which nonprofit organizations contribute to conservation in the U.S., and how hunters' contributions manifest in the work of fish and wildlife agencies. A summary of fish and wildlife agency resources and assets compiled by senior staff at the Arizona Game and Fish Department makes clear the importance of hunter dollars on the state agency level alone (Responsive Management thanks Larry Voyles and Doug Burt for providing this information):  

  • 50,000 employees;
  • 11,000 degreed biologists;
  • 8,400 certified law enforcement officers;
  • 190,000 volunteers working with the agencies annually;
  • 465 million acres of land managed or controlled by agencies;
  • 168 million acres of water managed or controlled by agencies;
  • And a total of 990,000 square miles of wildlife habitat--almost four times the state of Texas and more than 10 times the size of all five Great Lakes combined.

Also covered in the article are examples of various wildlife species that have rebounded thanks to management efforts supported through funding from hunters:

  • The whitetail deer population went from less than 500,000 in 1900 to more than 30 million today;
  • Wild turkey went from under 650,000 in 1900 to more than 7 million today;
  • The wood duck, extremely rare in 1900, has increased to 5.5 million today;
  • The Rocky Mountain elk has gone from 40,000 in 1900 to about a million today;
  • There were just 13,000 pronghorn antelope in 1900 compared to about a million today;
  • And while just 25,000 bighorn sheep roamed North America in 1950, that number has climbed to 80,000 today.

The article provides a full discussion of the other ways in which hunter dollars are spent, including support for wildlife management areas, scientific conservation studies and biological research, other species recovery and wildlife management efforts, and habitat conservation.

The full article has been posted to the NRA's Hunters' Leadership Forum website, available here.  



November/December 2016


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Educational Products

Following are companies that may offer discounts to volunteer instructors:

FAS/Hunter Education Classroom and Field Days:

Henry Repeating Arms Company
.22 rifles both Lever and Bolt action - 718-499-5600 or Henry Repeating Arms Co.

Hunter Safety Systems
Fall Arrest Harness
Toll Free #1-877-296-3528
Savage Arms : Hunter Safety Systems  .22 bolt action youth models—single shot

Third Hand Archery
has a tree stand Gun Hoist and other training aids available for purchase Third Hand Archery

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American Council of Snowmobile Associations (ACSA): American Council of Snowmobile Assoc.

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National Off-Highway Vehicle Conservation Council (NOHVCC): Nat'l Off-Highway Vehicle Conservation Council

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Listed below are additional websites that may be helpful to you in locating products, services or information to help you with your class:

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Alan Madison Videos

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